crème fraîche

berlin is full of vintage shops where you can find anything you want, tons of 80’s clothes and accessories, all in very good condition and extremely good prices. while walking around i bumped into this vintage shop, quite different from anything else. The perfect store if your name is Barbie and you’re having a wedding in a Barbie World. oh how i’d love to grab my best girlfriend inside and try all the meringue dresses till next day

Barbie’s bridesmaids dresses from the asylum

and amazing 60’s silk dresses embroidered with crystals and beads. Look this magnificent handcraftlucky them the store was closed cause i would still be inside dressing up and taking photos.

it’s strange though cause i did find a pastry shop last year somewhere in Brooklyn, with cakes in the same colors and naked Barbies and Kens on the top!  i just had to take that picture back then and now i know why: a year after, the organizing of a perfect ceremony has been completed.



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