celebration tee

today, among all those things i had to do at work, our picture (mine and my colleagues’ fash.dept. girls) was taken wearing Vogue Hellas’s anniversary t-shirt: Vogue Hellas is celebrating its 10 years and marking this special occasion with an issue quite different from what you’ve seen so far. i’m anxious and also curious to see it out, not only because i worked so hard for it the last few months (all of us-and i’m very relieved that it’s ready at last) but also because some very talented people and dear friends of mine are featured in it (sorpresa).
the tee is cute, simple and collectable, available with March celebration issue- it doesn’t show very clearly here but you get an idea.

however, my please-make-me-yours Lanvin pumps steal the attention: snakeskin & chains & in color nude. gawd!



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