belgium not known for good wine

After several weeks of absence I’m so glad to declare that we’re alive (my celebrity commissioner friend Poupée and myself)

A large amount of desperation and exhaustion payed off with a cute apartment not far from the city center of brussels in a neighborhood so-called “Diamant” – just love it – with a front view that sure sticks to the urban features of the city..

and a back view..

that just makes you forget all about the cold, the rain, the rude belgians and the bad transport…well overall, besides the clichés these two weeks have been a permanent exploration, multicultural liaisons, work, conferences….and A LOT OF BEER!
Exploring the city, loving the city… that’s the procedure.
People from everywhere, not knowing in what language to begin talking.
I report very attracted.
Ps. Is it a coincidence that I keep meeting germans?



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