Baruti extraits de parfum

“This is what my dreams smell like
I make personal and immediate perfumes
Deceptively playful
Rooted in the unconscious
Perplexing the senses
Like kaleidoscopic explosions of beauty
They can blow you away”. 
Spyros Drossopoulos

They are greek and they are the very first premium extraits de parfum.  
Perfumer Spyros Drossopoulos, a lover of scents from a very young age, believes that one’s aroma has a special effect on how one is perceived. “Baruti” is his series of deluxe perfumes, with depth and sentiment.  “Indigo” emulates the radiating blue summer skies with notes of mastic oil from Chios, hyacinth, rose from Greece, sandalwood, nooud and amber, while “Melkmeisje”, inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s  famous painting “The milkmaid” is a very dutch affair, with notes of pear, lilac, Linden blossom, honey, orris root, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood and musk. “Chai” brings in mind a delicious Indian masala chai, with notes of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, pepper, black tea steamed tea and leather.
If you’re a scent junkie like myself you may lose track of time discovering all the Baruti perfumes at
Eleni Marneri Gallery.


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