A long weekend in Belgium

It’s been four years since I last visited Belgium and five years since the first time, to spend a couple of days with my friends that live abroad. Who says this country is dull?
Locals always know the best places to visit/eat/drink.
The bloomed facade of Pierre Marcolini’s main store at Sablon -you know how I love his chocolate
and the mini ice creams that you can make as you wish.
The staircase of the house where we stayed.
Charming Gent and its gothic churches.
Amazing thai food at Premier Comptoir Thai.
I fell in love with Antwerp.
The Impressionism exhibition and the “A.Serrano:Uncensored Photographs” at the Magritte Museum.
The best traditional kitchen at “Le Pré-Salé”.
My beautiful friends.

ysmf.pierre.marcolini.brussels ysmf.pierre.marcolini.ice.cream ysmf.house.in.brussels IMG_6213 ysmf.gent.belgium ysmf.gent ysmf.chorus.gent ysmf.antwerp.street.sign IMG_6388 IMG_6293ysmf.magritte.museum.statue.of.little.girlysmf.emile.claus
ysmf.green.chili ysmf.pierre.marcolini.sablon.flower.facade ysmf.andres.serrano.exhibition.brussels


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