At El.Marneri Gallery

From time to time I visit the always charming El.Marneri gallery to stock up Santa Maria di Novella cosmetics
and check all the new arrivals. I loved the new Maria Mastori pieces, as well as Christina Kellidi’s
wooden jewels from her “Sculpting Geometry” collection.
In addition, I had the chance to enjoy the mesmerising exhibition “Blossom” of half-greek half-japanese artist
Mari Aoyama
, whose thousands of delicate little flowers, insects, mythical birds and creatures made of
paper, silk and rare materials from all around the world,
took me to a journey to her whimsical, exotic world.
ysmf.maria.mastori.earrings.marneri ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.necklace

Maria Mastori earrings, Christina Kellidi necklacesysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.jewellery ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.necklaces ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.cuff ysmf.mari.aoyama.flower.headpiece

Boxes and headpiece by Mari


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