white trash

that’s the  name of the american-kitchen based restaurant that not one, not two, but three different people recommended me to visit in Berlin and so i did. the place introduces its identity at once with it’s name: chinese trashy decoration, kung-fu posters, dragon statues, a b-movie playing in the background, dim red lights, too much noise, margaritas and the best burger in the city, the best one i had in years. a great location for one of Tarantino’s movie-scenes i say. different bands play music every night and a party might come out of nowhere. Plus it has a tattoo shop and a smoking cinema.yeap. Joniffer, the red-haired rockabilly ‘White Trash’ star, accepted to pose for me- thank you love, i’ll make you a cover-boy one day, I promise.

and now a question: to use or not to use the bathroom?


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