when flowers become jewels

i like orchids.

not my favorite flower, i  prefer simpler forms of this world’s flora, humble flowers like anemones and freesias- but who can deny the majesty and beauty of an orchid?

that’s what charmed Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Chiuri at Valentino House for this season, as many other designers in the past, and created those beautiful orchid cuffs that wrap with tulle around the wrist.  a couple of them arrived this week at work for our next shooting and although they look a bit aggressive shot still-life, they become astonishing when worn.

however today i visited Lito Karakostanoglou ‘Cabinet des Curiosités’, a jewel designer whose collections i can spend hours looking carefully the details and uniqueness of every single piece, and i found something i ‘d never seen before, a special jewel magnificent as something created by nature. actually it was.

a real orchid, dipped in gold and finished with enamel, hanging on a chain with amethysts.

my heart skipped a beat.



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