The grunge effect: Battered Couture

For the current issue of Votre Beaute mag I had the chance to shoot one of my favorite girls out there, Bianca B. Here’s the final feature and some extra photos of Bianca and her world.

Click on image and enlarge to read
ysmf.battered.couture.votre.beaute.featureysmf.battered.couture.votre.beaute.4 ysmf.battered.couture.votre.beaute.3 ysmf.battered.couture.home.3 ysmf.carvela.pumpsysmf.battered.couture.votre.beaute.1
PA195728 ysmf.battered.couture.home.1ysmf.battered.couture.home.2ysmf.battered.couture.portrait


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