10 years Vassilis Zoulias Old Athens

The latest fashion show of our sweet Vassilis Zoulias took place in Grande Bretagne Hotel and it was dedicated to his 10 years of creativity,

with his well-known retro style and his model friends -stars of modeling in the 90s-

rocking the catwalk in 50s couture frocks and adorned pumps.

Hair: Dimitris Giannetos. Make up: Manos Vynichakis for Shiseido. Creative direction: Michael Pandos. Shoe ornaments: Pericles Kondylatos

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A day in the woods, almond blossoms for the house and a portrait of Mr. Zoulias I did a couple of years ago with photographer Constantinos Tsiliacos for Vogue Hellas that I found in the attic of my hard-drive, which either because of Anastasia’s dress, the horns that remind me of branches or the colour palette, it matches perfectly.

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Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias


i always enjoy it when i visit this magnificent working space in the heart of Athens. The atelier of Vassilis Zoulias is always bright, sophisticated, full of treasures and as classy as it gets. I went over today to choose a couple of  pieces for a fashion story and took a look at the spring/summer 2011 collection since i missed his fashion show at Athens Exclusive designers week

retro dresses for the next summer and a glimpse at the designer’s office and at one of the biggest Vogue US magazine collections in Greece