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Fashion Room Service XXL

The biggest FRS so far took place in several buildings of Athens, including the lately renewed Grecotel boutique Hotel “Pallas Athena” and Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya.

The highlights:
The rooms and suites of Pallas Athena look gorgeous and youthful, with graffitis and art pieces all around and in every single room. Suite “Octopussy” is definitely my favorite.
The knits of Pepper Vally made by greek organic cotton and wool.
The sunglasses of Deepshallowexposition with round lenses and their debut collection of bangles and cuffs.
The summer collection of V Society and especially the silk dresses.
The perforated leather skirts of Anna Veneti.
The DeuxHommes, Somf and Atelier Loukia installations at Fashion Workshop Building II were a smash hit.

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Pre Xmas Warming Up

Getting ready for winter holidays with just the necessary (ok maybe not just the necessary).
Nothing gets me going more than some Christmas spirit or to be exact, alcohol spirit. So here comes Absolut Originalitythe new edition of Absolut vodka was created with a drop of ice blue color in every bottle, giving us for Christmas holidays 4 million unique Absolut bottles. Probably my favorite so far.

The feather white & black diamond ring is from the master of his kind, Mr. Nikos Koulis. The grey necklace and the turquoise pendant by Mimika Ciboyianni.

Korres presents two new eau de toilettes with pepper, for him and for her. I love pepper in perfumes. New additions from Moroccanoil, too: The styling gel and the glimmer shine for finishing. Your hair will look new, whatever that means.
ysmf.absolut.originality.limited.edition ysmf.nikos.koulis.feather.ringysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.grey.viktorglance.necklace ysmf.korres.new.eau.de.toilette.pepperysmf.moroccanoil.glimmer.shine.and.gel

Wool and silk black & white top by Yiorgos Eleftheriades is my won’t-take-it-off top for this winter, along with that gorgeous pleated skirt by SOMF.

And for the finale, lucky charms for the new year: Round pendant by Utopia Elena K., evil eye by Gregio, lucky besom by Zeus + Dione.
ysmf.somf.skirt.yiorgos.eleftheriades.b&w.top ysmf.somf.skirtProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetysmf.lucky.charms.2014

The Ornaments of the after party

Since two very close friends of mine, Sotiris Georgiou and Somf were participating at the new Candy Pop Up store, I really wanted to pay a visit at last night’s opening. To celebrate the event, a mini fashion film was created by Theo Prodromidis, featuring Sotiris’ Summer collection.
ysmf.candy.pop.up.sotiris.georgiou.dressysmf.candy.pop.up.georgiou.dellatolas ysmf.candy.pop.up.store.2 ysmf.candy.pop.up.store ysmf.candy.pop.up.somf.clan ysmf.candy.pop.up.sotiris.georgiou
YouTube Preview Image

Fashion Room Service XL

Me and my friends at the biggest Ozon Fashion Rooms Service so far, at Fresh Hotel.
ysmf.ozon.vasilis.konstantoudakis ysmf.ozon.paris.lykos ysmf.somf.mariaflora ysmf.somf.skirt ysmf.deepshallow.exposition.elizabeth ysmf.mirella.alexouysmf.ippolito.bags.pavlina ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.jewels ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.despina.isopoulou ysmf.sunset.sky.athens

From left to right, Somf boys and the ultimate somfette Mariaflora, queen Elisabeth rocking her latest Deepshallow Exposition sunglasses, Mirella at Red bull Edition, Pavlina and her color candy Ippolito bags, Mimika Ciboyianni in a garden of her crystal jewelry and yours truly, in a Somf sheer top and skirt, topped by a handmade Mimika necklace.

And the view from the terrace of Fresh Hotel after sunset.

Second photo from the bottom taken by Ioanna Chatziandreou.

Somf Fall 2013: Laura does Dallas

A long day today but it so worthed it.

Photographer Panos Davios shot the new look book of the Fall 2013/14 SOMF collection -which, may I say, is an absolutely great collection and the best of the girls so far!- so we had many things to say and lots of work to do together with Mariaflora and the rest of the team. But mainly we talked about the inspiration of the collection “Laura (Palmer) does Dallas”, and made scenarios for the nice cheerleader and highschool’s sweetheart who fell in love with a bad-ass cowboy and now, she’s not that much of a good girl anymore.

This is just a small taste, Miss-Athenes has more to show you.
ysmf.somf.fall.2013.shoes ysmf.mariaflora.panos.davios ysmf.somf.fall.2013.jumper ysmf.somf.fall.2013.jacket ysmf.somf.fall.2013.denim.dress ysmf.somf.fall.2013.pink.dress

Fashion Room Service up North

Sure we went over the latest Fashion Room Service at Y Hotel, a great opportunity always to meet with friends and check what’s new. The highlights: The coolest greek shades Deepshallow Exposition by gorgeous Elizabeth (say hello to the high-voltage blond beauty below), hanging around at room 404 with Mariaflora and the Somfs, the new Adidas by Jeremy Scott, Bela’s latest jewelry and old-fashioned drinks accompanied by some 80s tunes at hotel Pentelikon afterwards (last night’s OST belongs officially to Donna Allen)

Image-1 (2)Image-1 (1)missathenesanthoulakisImage-1 (3) adidas.jeremyscottalex.kavdas.george.anthoulakis Image-1 (6)
YouTube Preview Image

Ozon Fashion Flash

I’m overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction for last night’s Ozon Fashion Flash Spring-Summer 2013.

Somf and Digitaria were the designers that participated in a special fashion presentation, accompanied by the live music of Rattler Proxy (for Somf) and Melatonini (for the latter). Me and Christos Alxandropoulos, together with the two Somfettes, Mariaflora and Olivia, had been brainstorming for the last ten days regarding the presentation, the styling and the creative direction of the whole, and I want to believe that the final outcome was quite good.

I utterly enjoyed every moment of it (especially the song part -GOD!) Special thanks to Dimitris Sarantou with Moroccanoil, for taking a good care of the hair and make up of our girls.

Since I was too busy to use a camera, I kindly steal some shots from my dearest Ioanna Hatziandreou. You can also find some backstage photo collages by Markos Andriotis here.

Dressed in Somf

Showing off my SOMF laser cut skirt in the streets of Paris and at Costa Navarino during last

weekend – a safe method to have all eyes on you, let me tell you.
Find this and many more  Somf gems in their new collection here.


Jars of Pimm’s cocktails, great amounts of food and newly arrived Somf thrills were the ingredients that consisted a moist, sweet Sunday night, delightfully spent with one of my most beloved couples in Athens, Mariaflora & Jonas.

Saturday at Synch 2010

Hot  chip i really enjoyed, they performed like being in their own party, they had fun and so did we. This and Spyweirdos & Schema Ensemble were my favorites for the night

A place to bury strangers and Laurent Garnier

between changing stages we were hanging around with Olivia and Sophia at the Meet Market, whose creations were just the coolest. my (white) dress is on its way..

jimi tenor & tony allen funked this way

The closure of our evening was actually early in the morning, with Matteus singing his Ugly Doll’s Stories, together with sweet Fotini and her cello, a combination that made its point