Parallel Universes

Prada Parallel Universes is the creative path imagined by graphic designer and artist Vahram Muratyan, a virtual road/paved

with Prada spring/summer 2012 mens and womens accessories, which highlights through rapid and intuitive movements two parallel universes that meet under the auspices of Prada style.

The new project  is going on-line today and very soon is going to be “wearble”, too!

Parallel Universe 6 – Prada Car’s driving on Dixie Sunglasses

Parallel Universe 5 – Prada Men Rocket Shoes Earing 

Parallel Universe 11- Prada Dixie Sunglasses

Parallel Universe 10 – Prada Men Teddy Sunglasses … playing golf

Parallel Universe 1 – Prada Women Pyramid Bag & Dixie Sunglasses



Prada sequined dress and glitter mary-janes, Van der Straeten necklace



Tod’s fur bag and Prada python sandals fw2011-12



an alternated navy look: a Prada bag, Christian Louboutin shoes, MaxMara jacket and one of the top looks of the season, the Jil Sander maxi taffeta dress, backstage while working


let the good times begin

springtime ideal tune, over and over and over again

Air France-June Evenings

it’s the first day of spring today and i can’t describe you my joy, i detest winter and rain and cold weather (not that we saw anything like it during this season in Athens) but enough with it already. i’m also lucky enough to have a house with a small garden which i’m taking good care of, so it’s time to reap the crops.
Very proud of it

and a bouquet of Miu Mius and Pradas: satin pumps and booties, crystal wedges and patent leather clutch-bag, backstage while working. Blossom..