Portrait of artist  Lily Ludlow wearing a breath-taking Margiela dress that we did with photographer Ioanna Tzetzoumi in 2009 for her exhibition at Rebecca Camhi gallery.

LL012 IMG_0898 Ludlow

Boards of Canada- The Beach At Redpoint

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Nan Goldin in Athens

Yesterday at Rebecca Kamhi gallery: her majesty Nan Goldin

I got to meet her in person, choose the outfit for her portrait, talk a little about clothes and her friend Rick (Owens that is), see the exhibition while it was being set up and, in this way, a shooting that should take a couple of hours took us five. What a persona.

Ηere shot by photographer Sylvia Diamantopoulou

Nan Goldin was one of the first to do what is known as ‘intimacy photography’: she wasn’t looking for a theme to shoot, her life has always been the theme: autobiographical moments, friends, boyfriends, drug use, new-wave music scene, love, genre, sexuality.

Τhe current exhibition at Rebbeca Kamhi gallery, which also includes a slide-show of her work