Photographer Mara Desypris presents “Random”, her first retrospective exhibition, in collaboration with Ozon Raw and curated by Filep Motwary, with photos chosen from her book “Self-portrait”. All photos are retouch-free and taken with analogue camera, which i  can confirm, since the picture above was taken during a warm spring sunset, in the early years of my working at Vogue back in 200idontremember, with fashion editor Michael Pandos.

From 27th of March at CAMP, during 4FashionShake days



Wow I was shocked to see this picture at Mara Desipris‘ site, which I had almost forgotten- but not the story behind it, which goes like this: back in 2007 me, Mara and Michael Pandos with the rest of the team travelled to Sri Lanka to shoot a couple of summer stories for Vogue Hellas. One of them included some pictures taken downtown at Colombo, where we found an enormous golden statue of Buddha and we all thought “Aahhh that would be an amazing picture!”. Unfortunately the natives didn’t actually appreciate the beauty of the Chanel hot pants, were fret in the beginning and got really furious after five minutes and before we know it they were yelling at fluent Ceylonese and we rushed into the cars right in the moment when some of them started picking rocks from the ground.. Don’t even want to think what would have happened but every time i recall the scene I feel the terror down my spine. huge mistake but who would have known? the picture was never published after the strict request of the hotel owners that were having us as guests on the island.


Grande Dame

The main Christmas story for December issue was shot in five different locations in Athens, so we didn’t have much choice than to run around for two days  with rails and evening dresses in hand. But i love the final outcome

photo: Mara Desypris make up: Manos Vynichakis hair: Thanos Samaras


summer story backstage

Vogue Hellas July’s issue is out, featuring the fashion story we did at breathtaking Hotel Poseidonion Grace, at Spetses last month. It’s summery and joyful and kind of 60’s on greek islands. the shooting was exhausting but fun thanks to a really good team- Mara Desypris, Manos Vynichakis and Nicolas Viliotis are always so cool to work with.

Louis Vuitton brocade mini dress

D&G lace tunic
a Matthew Williamson-4-kilos-dress with chains and crystals

and some Chanel romance