I got myself this H&M knitted top and midi skirt the other day and a couple of hours later I went for some made-to-order icecream at Magic Pleasure Store and THIS happened. When an outfit subconsciously overwhelms you so much
that you match your icecream with it. So yeah, this happened, and that’s me making a fuss out of it cause I love those stupid little details you know.


Make my Magic, use chocolate

After attending the grand opening of the Magic Pleasure Store in Athens by Algida for the celebration of its 25 years, one thing was assured: more and more visits were bound to follow, since Ι just had to not only create my very own custom made ice cream, but try out every single flavor. Dark, milk or white chocolate, salty peanuts, cinnamon cookies and popping candies or red pepper, smarties and hazelnuts with caramel, by god, the frustration was overwhelming. Strolling around Syntagma square has never been that meaningful and exciting, thanks to this cute store at 3-5 Kolokotroni street that comes with one and only purpose, to ease ones sweet tooth cravings.

Opening hours: 12.00-20.00, 3-5 Kolokotroni Str. You can follow Magic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram