Leopard ahoy

Who’s who?

Last Wednesday at Juicy Couture’s pre-xmas gathering up north at Kifissia, we toned in with the party theme: Animal prints. I find the last pic so very funny.

ysmf.who.is.who.at.juicy.shop ysmf.juicy.couture.shop.kifissia.2 ysmf.juicy.couture.shop.kifissia ysmf.juicy.couture.shop.leopard.ahoy

PS. I may look short but I’m much taller on my heels.


The new navy

Literally in love with my new Juicy Couture bandage skirt, here paired with mom’s vintage pineapple top from the 80s and my I’ve-no-idea-where-I-got-it necklace, bringing all together a somewhat exotic marine look.



Red, again.

It’s that time of the year again, when I leave the dull color palette of my wardrobe behind and I make some attempts for vivid prints (blame it on April). The floral shirt is American Retro from Simple Caractere stores and that vibrant red you see on the lips is the result of Giorgio Armani Maestro lipstick, finished with the newest product of senior Armani, the Flash Lacquer lip gloss, which is non-sticky and stays between your lips -and won’t travel towards your nostrils, let’s say.

The pale pink snakeskin Gianvito Rossi pumps and the Juicy Couture bird ring is from the “Value for Style” event of Factory Outlet, where, admittedly, we found gorgeous pieces in unbelievable prices. The heart shaped street art is some romantic’s soul attempt to beautify the ugly graffitis of downtown Athens and the rest is just homemade garniture.

ysmf.american.retro.floral.shirt.armani.gloss ysmd.giorgio.armani.lip.gloss ysmf.gianvito.rossi.snakeskin.pumps ysmf.juicy.couture.bird.ring.from.factory.outlet ysmf.wild.flowers ysmf.garden.art.de.la.table.lemonpie ysmf.pink.lemonade.cocktail ysmf.street.srt.athens