The Gepbetty love story

Geppetto and Betty, Betty and Geppetto. A true love story, a relationship to last.
Pavlina’s Geppeto and my Betty were photographed together last week for the new “Ippolito loves Geppetto” campaign and their lives were bound for ever. For those who don’t already know the concept, the collection consists of cat and dog collars and the cutest small pochettes, in order to remind you to always carry with you a bag, treats and an atropine injection for emergencies. 30 % of the profits go straight to Anim.A.L Friends Society, for the dogs that suffer from Kalazar.
Fun times with photographer Ioanna Chatziandreou and the rest of the team at Ippolito’s showroom downtown.
gepbetty2 ysmf.ippolito.loves.geppeto.betty ysmf.ippolito.showroom ysmf.ippolito.grey.clutch ysmf.ippolito.loves.geppeto.summer.2013 ysmf.ippolito.loves.geppeto.3 ysmf.ippolito.summer.2013 ysmf.ippolito.pavlina.joanna gepbetty ippolito_loves_gepbettyysmf.ippolito.kit.bags


Fashion Room Service XL

Me and my friends at the biggest Ozon Fashion Rooms Service so far, at Fresh Hotel.
ysmf.ozon.vasilis.konstantoudakis ysmf.somf.mariaflora ysmf.deepshallow.exposition.elizabeth ysmf.ippolito.bags.pavlina ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.jewels ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.despina.isopoulou

From top: Somf boys and the ultimate somfette Mariaflora, queen Elisabeth rocking her latest Deepshallow Exposition sunglasses, Pavlina and her color candy Ippolito bags, Mimika Ciboyianni in a garden of her crystal jewelry and yours truly, in a Somf sheer top and skirt, topped by a handmade Mimika necklace.

And the view from the terrace of Fresh Hotel after sunset.

Second photo from the bottom taken by Ioanna Chatziandreou.