A V-day gift guide by yours truly

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Farfetch to do some imagery for a Valentine’s Day gifting inspiration article and answer some questions, make styling proposals and choose gifts for my beloved ones. I instantly loved the theme and I was thrilled to make a small story that evolved around a Paco Rabanne pailette-embellished bag, which you can find below. Some fantastic girls also took part in it, so click here to enjoy the full article!
Photography: Spiro Stergiou. Silk dress and coat: Milkwhite


Despina, talk us through your ultimate Valentine’s outfit and how you’ve styled it:

For the last couple of months I’ve been looking for a mini bag that would fit only the essentials — a timeless piece that I could keep forever. Paco Rabanne accessories never feel outdated, with its iconic retro-futuristic approach.
It was love at first sight with this bag’s design and colour. I instantly imagined what an interesting contrast it would make styled with lace, silk and tulle, so I paired it with my most beloved silk pieces and my sheer lace skirts,
to create some evening looks.

It was also a great match with my grey cashmere jumper. And though it looked absolutely amazing against vivid colours, such as lime green and mint blue, I was surprised by the elegance of the outfit styled tone-on-tone.


What makes this a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone with a feminine, romantic style?

My approach to romanticism and femininity deviates from the existing idea. For me, it’s all about combinations and accessorising; soft forms upgraded with the confidence of bold details, bodycon silhouettes balanced with volume, fragile textiles empowered with leather details — these are just a few examples of my ideal
feminine-romantic couplings.

This Paco Rabanne bag consists entirely of leather-paillettes and though there’s a medieval twist, its mini size and colour contrasts with the archetypal references.
There’s nothing more feminine than the element of metallic chain links.


What gift would you give to a friend on Valentine’s to show them you care?

I love spoiling my friends with things they really want. I try to take notes of things they like throughout the year, then I tailor my gifts to the occasion. For Valentine’s day, I especially prefer to give jewellery — not classic-style jewellery, but rather statement fashion pieces like a bold pair of silver earrings or a unique ear cuff. It has to perfectly fit with someone’s personal style and be something only a good friend would know. Ideally, gifts shouldn’t always be objects you practically need, but rather small gestures of luxury that make you really happy.
For my best friend I’ve already bookmarked this pair of Paco Rabanne earrings.


How will you be spoiling yourself and practising some self-love?

Ι’m always looking for reasons to spoil myself, so Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity. As a freelance writer, I have a flexible schedule and I make sure to leave this day as free as possible; there’s nothing more relaxing than indulging in a hot bubble bath and a hydrating face mask. I’ve spotted a fantastic Jacquemus slip dress that I’m definitely gifting myself for the day. Fresh flowers are on the menu too. Due to general lockdown in Athens, restaurants are closed, but some of my favourite dinner spots operate with delivery services, so I’ll be able to enjoy a fancy meal with my significant other.


Which other gifts best reflect your personal style?

I’ve been a shoe lover for as long as I can remember, so I’m always in search of the perfect pair. If I was to buy just one as we speak, my ideal choice would be the Manu Atelier strappy sandals. They are barely there, yet sport the perfect kitten heel — they’re very sexy and elegant.
For my first post-Covid party, I intend to wear the absolute party top — a silver semi-sheer blouse by RtA that perfectly matches my vintage leather trousers and all my evening miniskirts.
This Alix NYC bodysuit is versatile, the ultimate no-brainer garment, perfect to wear under your blazer for a business meeting, but also amazing for dinner and drinks after.
I’ve also spotted this beautiful silk skirt by Lee Matthews, which I’m going to wear with all my jumpers and chunky boots. The gold hue, much like a fancier version of neutral beige, makes it a wardrobe staple.