Loukia Omnium Gatherum

A majestic fashion show, a magnificent exhibition.
Celebrating 40 years of Atelier Loukia was nothing short of what it should be. Emotional, eerie, flowy, opulent. Thank you Plus More 360 for choosing me amongst Loukia Omnium Gatherum’s ambassadors. Wearing -together with my friend Crisanti from Here C comes– Atelier Loukia lace and tulle dresses. Jade and crystal earrings by Katerina Psoma. Dior satin & metallic sandals. Make up by Freddy Make Up Stage. Hair, Dimitris Sarantou.






Current exhibition “The artist & the practice” at Vamiali’s Gallery and the Vamiali sisters (Dimitra and Sophia) fully bejeweled with Sophia’s latest designs.
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Zone D

Zoumboulakis Gallery launched the other day the exhibition “Mehr Als Schein / Shining Through / Αυτό που φαίνεται”, as part of Zone D project, at the beautiful neoclassical building at the number 135 of Ermou street in Athens. The exhibition consists of mainly greek and german artists’ work, who are preoccupied with the aesthetics of surface. The opening party was supported by Absolut vodka that, in addition, celebrates the artistic creativity with its new bottle designed by Dave Kinsey.

Artworks below: Cartographies by Maria Loizidou, How Far away am I by Manolis Zaharioudakis,  Ohne Titel, collage by Pichler Michalis, Last Year by Yang Kailiang, P_TBA 2011 by Xenofon Bitsikas. The exhibition will last until June 2nd.










Wearing Les Petites shirt, Herve Leger skirt and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti for Thakoon booties that I discovered at Factory Outlet in a you’ll-go-green-in-envy price.


Yves Saint Laurent – A Visionary

Chris sends love from Brussels:

“The Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation exceptionally presents at the ING Cultural Centre, at Place Royale in Brussels, creations from the Yves Saint Laurent collection, a major part on display for the first time, in a solo exhibition devoted to the Parisian fashion designer.
Women’s desire, masculin-feminin, the shock of colours, the paper fashion house, the heart, jewelry, drawings and sketches come together to reveal the alchemy of the Saint Laurent style
…and oh the 1965 bride standing there, most highly protected from evil photo shooting…

Well this is what came out by poor hidden camera and several warnings from security guards”.

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Stanley Kubrick: The Photographer

During my small trip to Brussels, I was very lucky to watch the photography exhibition of  top filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, whose early creative efforts as a photojournalist for the New York magazine Look, I was completely unaware of.

I was suprised by his large amount of work and completely captivated by the cinematographic viewpoint of it.

His lens captures a portrait of America after World War II- a central theme in Kubrick’s films. His themes include crime scenes, the life of a showshine man, a university theater troupe, etc. 

Beyond his involvement with society and its social and racial tensions, Kubricks’ photographic work displays a precision of composition that goes beyond mere reporting. Capable of constructing a scene, Kubrick sought to transcend the present moment, by definition chaotic and uncontrollable, by lending it form and structure. 

The exhibition ends July 1st, 2012, www.fine-arts-museum.be

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Greek mysteries at Marneri Gallery

From the current exhibition “Greek Mysteries” at Eleni Marneri Gallery- until the 30th of April- showcasing the most exquisit wedding garments and accessories, both for men and women. I’m not much of a bridal-stuff fan but hey, a macramé bouquet holder οr a pair of leather wedding wreaths by Maria Mastori? Run ladies, cause i can arrange my wedding ceremony in a snap of a finger