a night at Herodion

having spent last weekend pretending to be on vacations, on saturday evening i took the walk to Herodion Theater to watch Bellini’s Norma. i always catch  a play every summer at Herodion, the atmosphere cannot be compared to anything else

i was pleasantly surprised to see a modern direction of the play, with costumes and sets following the same minimalism.  In the story, the male co-star falls in and out of love TOO many times with Norma and that doesn’t make him very popular, as you can imagine, but they die together hand-in-hand at the end.  i strongly believe Norma should never have followed him into the fire but women in love are so stupid.

after that and for many hours i stayed at my friend’s balcony at Thissio enjoying  the view above, and found it extremely difficult to take the decision and actually leave. who can blaim me.

YouTube Preview Image

The most popular aria from the play, Casta Diva (which always reminds me of that Aparadektoi episode with Spyros’s boss eating chicken listening to Casta Diva, hilarious) by Montserrat Caballe.