A long weekend in Belgium

It’s been four years since I last visited Belgium and five years since the first time, to spend a couple of days with my friends that live abroad. Who says this country is dull?
Locals always know the best places to visit/eat/drink.
The bloomed facade of Pierre Marcolini’s main store at Sablon -you know how I love his chocolate
and the mini ice creams that you can make as you wish.
The staircase of the house where we stayed.
Charming Gent and its gothic churches.
Amazing thai food at Premier Comptoir Thai.
I fell in love with Antwerp.
The Impressionism exhibition and the “A.Serrano:Uncensored Photographs” at the Magritte Museum.
The best traditional kitchen at “Le Pré-Salé”.
My beautiful friends.

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ysmf.green.chili ysmf.pierre.marcolini.sablon.flower.facade ysmf.andres.serrano.exhibition.brussels


Yves Saint Laurent – A Visionary

Chris sends love from Brussels:

“The Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation exceptionally presents at the ING Cultural Centre, at Place Royale in Brussels, creations from the Yves Saint Laurent collection, a major part on display for the first time, in a solo exhibition devoted to the Parisian fashion designer.
Women’s desire, masculin-feminin, the shock of colours, the paper fashion house, the heart, jewelry, drawings and sketches come together to reveal the alchemy of the Saint Laurent style
…and oh the 1965 bride standing there, most highly protected from evil photo shooting…

Well this is what came out by poor hidden camera and several warnings from security guards”.

ysmf.ysl exhibition entry1ysmf.ysl exhibition.expo ysmf.ysl exhibition.portraitysmf.ysl exhibition.TheBride1 ysmf.ysl exhibition.poseysmf.ysl exhibition.drawing ysmf.ysl exhibition.voyage3ysmf.ysl.thepaperfashionhouse ysmf.ysl.thepaperfashionhouse1ysmf.ysl.thepaperfashionhouse2 ysmf.ysl.thepaperfashionhouse3ysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeartysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeart1 ysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeart2ysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeart4 ysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeart3JPGysmf.ysl exhibition 2ysmf.ysl exhibition 4 ysmf.ysl exhibition 7ysmf.ysl exhibition 11ysmf.ysl exhibition 9ysmf.ysl exhibition 8
ysmf.ysl exhibition 10ysmf.ysl exhibition 12 ysmf.ysl exhibition LOVE


peinture flamand

These Flemish are crazy.

Delicate like lace technique, full of explicit scenes and dark details plus the ultimate symbolism, all depicted on the main body of the Flemish painting between the 15th and 18th century.

photos taken at the Magritte Museum in Brussels



walks and photos from Brussels and Gent, drinks in Le Fontainas one of the cutest gay bars in town and great amounts of ethiopian food at Kokob with two dolls


pierre marcolini

my main activities during my small trip to Brussels was to walk around and buy expensive chocolate and vice versa.  my friends took good care of me and drove me to the best chocolaterie of Belgium and probably one of the best worldwide, a temple of haute patisserie and cocoa bins.  Pierre Marcolini apart from the permenant pastry collection, presents from time to time ephemeral inspired ones, such as the current “Pastel” that you see below, a chocolates collection with fruity filling infused with lime, passion fruit, mango and yuzu (yummy). Oh and a spicy carré with tabasco. As this was not enough, i couldn’t resist buying the framboise heart-shaped bijoux, and truffles and of course macarons, that are compiting mercilessly Ladurée .



belgium not known for good wine

After several weeks of absence I’m so glad to declare that we’re alive (my celebrity commissioner friend Poupée and myself)

A large amount of desperation and exhaustion payed off with a cute apartment not far from the city center of brussels in a neighborhood so-called “Diamant” – just love it – with a front view that sure sticks to the urban features of the city..

and a back view..

that just makes you forget all about the cold, the rain, the rude belgians and the bad transport…well overall, besides the clichés these two weeks have been a permanent exploration, multicultural liaisons, work, conferences….and A LOT OF BEER!
Exploring the city, loving the city… that’s the procedure.
People from everywhere, not knowing in what language to begin talking.
I report very attracted.
Ps. Is it a coincidence that I keep meeting germans?