At El.Marneri Gallery

From time to time I visit the always charming El.Marneri gallery to stock up Santa Maria di Novella cosmetics
and check all the new arrivals. I loved the new Maria Mastori pieces, as well as Christina Kellidi’s
wooden jewels from her “Sculpting Geometry” collection.
In addition, I had the chance to enjoy the mesmerising exhibition “Blossom” of half-greek half-japanese artist
Mari Aoyama
, whose thousands of delicate little flowers, insects, mythical birds and creatures made of
paper, silk and rare materials from all around the world,
took me to a journey to her whimsical, exotic world.
ysmf.maria.mastori.earrings.marneri ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.necklace

Maria Mastori earrings, Christina Kellidi necklacesysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.jewellery ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.necklaces ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.cuff ysmf.mari.aoyama.flower.headpiece

Boxes and headpiece by Mari


The Eater and the Eaten

…the uncanny is that species of the frightening that goes back to what was once well known
and had long been familiar.[1] 
Sigmund Freud, “The Uncanny”

The Eater and the Eaten is the upcoming exhibition of Alexandros Vasmoulakis at The Breeder Gallery.
From March 31st.
Alexandros Vasmoulakis_2016_Courtesy The Breeder AthensAlexandros Vasmoulakis_2016_Courtesy The Breeder Athens IIIAlexandros Vasmoulakis_2016_Courtesy The Breeder Athens II


Lo Spirito Vola

Gucci Museo announced “Paul Fryer: Lo Spirito Vola” as the second contemporary art exhibition of works, on loan from the François Pinault Collection. Curated by Francesca Amfitheatrof, the exhibition presents three of Paul Fryer’s iconoclastic art works on the transcendent, morality and religion: the major sculptural works Ophelia, Pietà (the Empire Never Ended) and Ecce Homo.

17th March – 4th September 2012, Gucci Museo, Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy


remap 2011

last night at bi-annual contemporary art platform Remap’s opening night: Hope’s performance and amazing art pieces,some interesting art and some not so interesting, statement jewelry, all in and around ruined old houses at midtown athens.



Portrait of artist  Lily Ludlow wearing a breath-taking Margiela dress that we did with photographer Ioanna Tzetzoumi in 2009 for her exhibition at Rebecca Camhi gallery.

LL012 IMG_0898 Ludlow

Boards of Canada- The Beach At Redpoint

YouTube Preview Image


New Works

yesterday i had the chance to meet Jim Shaw for his portrait for Vogue Hellas, regarding his exhibition “New Works” at Bernier/Eliades gallery. Loved his work. As the artist said, all those works in the exhibition derive from a single dream he had a couple of years ago:

“i was working on these shaped canvases and sculptures that had printed blowups of appliances and added elements such as expressionist drips, shirtless guys in pain, cartoon and Fauvist chickens, and cartoon elements [..] My LA dealer came in and said he wanted them all and i said no. There were elements of Bacon and the shirtless men referenced the Netter CIBA-Geigy medical illustrations and probably Longo. The shaped seemed to refer to the object on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Presence’. The Baileys had tried to get a group to buy their mansion, which was now on an island in the middle of the street in Danna Ruscha’s old neighborhood. Mike had also done a series of quick sketches for things like ‘repressed school memories game’ and an issue of Nat’l Geographic with an article on Nazism in rock”

my job upon waking was to figure out as best i could what the meanings and associations of the objects and images were.

Jim Shaw (b.1952 in Michigan USA) belongs to the generation of american artists that have shaped the cultural west coast of USA during the late 80’s till today. His work is interwoven with american pop culture elements that alternate in a structural context of narrative themes.  He is a conceptual artist known for playing cut & paste with styles ranging from minimalism to monster magazine  illustration, through several multipart, quasi-narrative projects.

The exhibition at  Bernier/Eliades Gallery will last until November 18th 2010.


a ‘love me’ party

Love Me  is the name of M-Art space new exhibition, with 14 participant artists that search an alternative way to express their feelings, from the traditional techniques of 8th century kusudama origami to the paths of modern art.

For this occasion, M-art is having a party on saturday 20th from 15.00 to 20.00 at their space. Sommelier Dimitris Litinas chooses the wine and chef Christos Syrigas of all day lounge bar Culto takes care of the food