when the day is dipped in grey like it was yesterday, you move towards the opposite side: you choose color. yesterday it was raining like hell and i had a mission to accomplish, something maybe too complicated, to find some good stuff throughout the city for the next shooting and remain calm during this procedure by ignoring the traffic jam/the rain on my face/the delays.

i did all that and had a sip of color as well to wake me up like a slap from all this gris-souris situation.  i went over Semiramis hotel once again, this time for the presentation of the new Swatch rubber collection featuring watches in every possible bubble-gum color. i got mine in terracota and felt quite satisfied. had a champagne and chatted with Martha from Glamour magazine. got my hair dry, wore my new watch and got on with my work.

a few hours later i went over Adidas Originals event at Yoga Bala, checked their first denim collection, listened to some Arthur Russel – yes i was lucky enough to listen to this to a party!- and took pictures of the coolest boys and girls.  oh and a pair of gorgeous headphones. i’m pleased with myself, i fought with moodiness and won.