Saskia de Brauw

yesterday i was talking with Filep about Saskia de Brauw, the girl that walked at the Givenchy ss2011 catwalk (and Balenciaga, and Matthew Williamson and so on and so forth) that we had the chance to meet at the after show party. Actually we spent the whole night together talking and dancing and taking pictures and i had the most amazing time, as i’ve told you before. 

the news is that Saskia is the new face of Givenchy summer campaign and she looks s t u n n i n g. i love her masculine athletic body and her special face. but what is more wonderful about her is her mind and personality. Saskia left her career in modeling when she was 16 to study art and now, after finishing her studies and running her workshop in Amsterdam, made a come back to fashion.

 don’t they say that only models with strong personality become top models? Saskia is one of a kind.

(pictures from Filep Motwary & Emanuele-DAngelo)

In her own words: “in my work i explore the relationship between the physical body and the space in which the body moves around. Our relationship with space is both physical and mental. I observe how people move in various situations and note what effect spaces have on our feelings.

i use the body (often my own) to leave behind atrace, this trace being evidence of the presence of a person at a certain point in time and space. in my work these traces show how a particular space can be experienced. traces of movement often take on the form of repeated visual patterns.

my work is always twofold: on the one hand there is a physical action and on the other a visual ‘residue’ which remains after the carrying out of that action.  This ‘residue’ can take many forms, for example a photo, a video-animation, painted lines on the street. both aspects are equally important for the creation of the work. “

you can take a taste of Saskia’s work at her official web-site . she also runs a very interested blog. 


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