Orila presenting: Ku-Ping Pong Show

Although I had an idea of what to expect yesterday from orila’s gig for their new release of artist Ku, “Ping Pong Show”, the whole event in total exceeded our expectation. Set-up  on a rooftop with a magnificent view, in front of the lights of Acropolis by sunset, Mr. Lo-Fi made a small introduction with his collectibles vinyls to warm up the audience for Ku’s performance.

Ku’s -Dimitris Papadatos- experimental porn pop music matched uniquely with the environment and the tense of the moment, offering us a mesmerizing mind-travel 

This new release of Orila includes 6 various versions of Ku’s songs, as performed live on triparadio.gr a few months ago and recorded on tape with a beautiful artwork. Some of them together with a few gramophone vinyls were given randomly to the guests

the performance ended with two thai magic-lanterns that flew over the night sky till we couldn’t see them anymore and burned to ashes

the closure of the evening  consisted of some more wine, laughs, and an improvisation of the musicians among us who freely coordinated with their guitars- synths-kalimbas and bass for an hour, for a goodnight ending.

congratulations to Orila, Dimitri and the whole team for a great job and a wonderful evening


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