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Beauty packing for me & him for a long weekend getaway, with just the essentials.
Biotherm Homme “Aquapower” face cream and Eye De-Puffer do the job for hubbie, who can use up to two-three products per day -men are bored so easily that it’s better to keep their beauty routine to minimum.
As for me, I try (hard, it is hard) to pack just the necessary, so here it goes:


Biotherm Aquasource keeps my face skin hydrated for 48 hours, so I don’t really need to take a night cream with me. Luminessence is one of the best products of Giorgio Armani in my humble opinion, a BB cream with SPF 50/PA+++ that lightly covers the skin and leaves it literally glowing. I also use it under the eyes as a brightening concealer, I love it.
Red lips, as always. Dolce & Gabbana “Dora” 5210 lipstick. When I don’t feel like wearing lip colour, Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom by Helena Rubinstein is my alternative, which offers instant plumpness. Anti-drying body milk by Biotherm. And the latest addition to Moroccanoil family and to my beauty case, the Dry Shampoo for a soft, silky feel that can -wait for it- even absorb the salt and moist after the sea. The best dry shampoo in the market.

Travel wallet MarcCain. “Blythe” sunglasses Toms.


Luminessence BB cream by Giorgio Armani, “Dora” lipstick by Dolce & Gabbana


“Blyth” sunglasses by Toms


Collagenist Lip Zoom by Helena Rubinstein, Biotherm Homme Aquapower Eye De-Puffer


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