Hyalu B5: The serum to max out your glow factor

The last couple of months I’ve been receiving many compliments for my skin and the truth is I, myself, feel at my best. I have upgraded my beauty routine, but there is also a hero product that I’ve been using day and night,
that works miracles.

My skin is oily -that I knew quite early. But it took me many years to find out that it is also very sensitive, and that explains all the redness and the frequent irritations. La Roche-Posay has helped me immensely with my skincare. Note that, all the above comes from a person that had been using the wrong products for years , and no matter how popular or expensive they were, they just weren’t right for me.


Hyalou B5 was the latest to try and it instantly fit.
This anti-aging concentrate contains two types of Hyaluronic Acid, plus Vitamin B5 to help plump the look of skin and replenish its natural moisture barrier. Its fresh water-gel texture absorbs easily into skin, which after a week looked visibly replumped. What I’m also addicted to is the cool, soothing feeling -anyone with sensitive skin knows this annoying burning sensation, so HURRAY, I waved that goodbye.

Which means, girls, let’s talk beauty: If you’re 30+ and in need of some filling, while avoiding any misfortunate bursts, you should try it. You can thank me later.



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