Easter zen

What I love more about Easter holidays is that I have plenty of time for gardening and cooking. And enjoying the peace of my house. Spring outfit consists of pajama-type suit with wide pants, stripes, the vintage Versace necklace, Balenciaga lace up pumps and a pair of so-very-90s DeepshallowExposition sunglasses.

ysmf.pyjama.pants ysmf.balenciaga.pumps. ysmf.easter.eggs.handmade ysmf.chocolate.cake ysmf.tree.leaves ysmf.garden.jasmineysmf.pajama.suit



  1. giotared May 11, 2013 / 19:52

    is this a chocolate cake I’m spotting?
    pj trend is one of the best ever. I mean what is more confortable and yet a “fashion statement” than that.


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