D for Deco

One of the shootings i had to do yesterday was for Vogue Hellas Casa suppelement for April issue, and in this way i had the chance to meet Ms. Sissy Drouga-Gallegos.
Sissy is a combo restless artist; painter, art restorer, sculptοr and above all decorator. Her house is also her workshop, with no apparent discrimination one from the other: She works where she welcomes her friends for dinner, she paints where she relaxes, she drinks her coffee where she stores her paints.

what you see at the back is a car indeed and it’s there by no architectural mistake

she’s been around the world quite a lot and her artworks, which are all over her place, reflect these fusion influences

sissy’s beautiful portrait was taken by Christina Georgiadou

What’s more impressive than her work is Sissy herself, a very sweet,kind and inspirational person, who’s twitting around like a little girl smiling all the time and together with make-up artist Elena Perdikomati and Deco stylist Aphrodite made my day.

It was a women’s affair. Elena here, ready to put red lipstick on everybody

more info in April issue



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