backstage at Vogue Hellas cover shooting:  The girl looks astonishing  and the light is gorgeous. however i want to point out the significance of work team: Damien, apart from holding the lights, is also holding me, i’m holding the photographer who holds the camera. it’s a matter of solidarity.

Dolce & Gabbana beaded corset, chiffon silk  double Jean-Paul Gaultier skirt and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci boots. At Vogue Hellas August issue.



  1. Elena July 17, 2010 / 17:58

    Τhe girl looks gorgeous but it’s YOUR dress that caught my attention! Love it!

  2. youstrikemyfancy July 17, 2010 / 19:27

    hm, cool, never thought an American Apparel dress would rule next to Dolces and Gaultiers.. txxx

  3. mariaflora July 17, 2010 / 21:28

    i agree! you dress is really really cute! miss you! xxx

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