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Prada Pre-Fall 2015

“Steven Meisel’s intense portraits for the Prada Pre-Fall 2015 campaign play with the asymmetries and ambiguities
men and women share with each other.
Gender’s complexities and contradictions have always been an essential, evolving question for Prada. What do men take from women? What do women keep for themselves? The most profound influences from one to the other are often the least apparent, the least visible. These exchanges still charge the cultural sphere.
Subtle details of difference proliferate too. An epaulette on a men’s shirt becomes an oversized bow on a woman’s dress  or vice versa. Sensuality has become a product of this intense kind of introversion.”





Watch the new Prada video by Steven Meisel here.

Featuring Maartje Verhoef, Niels Trispel, Willow Hand, Artur Chruszcz, Aya Jones, Johannes Spaas, Natalie Westling, Finnlay Davis, Julia Nobis, Tim Schuhmacher

“Fashion on screen” at Nixon

Today is the third day of “Fashion on screen”, the first fashion film festival ever presented in Athens, especially curated by Filep Motwary for Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya. The atmosphere of the new Nixon screening room is absolutely fantastic. You can combine a series of beautiful fashion films and documentaries with drinks, snacks and your loving friends, so what else could I ever ask for? The opening day and the party that followed on Wednesday was smashing and yesterday I had the chance to watch “The day before: Jean-Paul Gaultier” and “Helmut Newton: Frames from the edge” among other great films. Today I’m on my way for “Bill Cunningham New York” documentary, regarding the legendary photographer and tomorrow is the last day, so take a look at the schedule here. with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m6 The day before-Jean Paul Gaultier

In the link below you can have a small taste from Sølve Sundsbø’s breathtaking film:

The everchanging face of beauty

Photos by Ysmf, Fashion Workshop, Mirella Alexou, Lefteris Siarapis

Fashion on screen

Filep Motwary, in collaboration with FWbVK, selects some of the best fashion films in a four-day non-profit event for educational purposes in Athens.

From 13/11 until 16/11 the renewed screening room of Nixon will be the perfect meeting point for everyone who loves fashion and cinema: “Fashion on Screen”, curated by​ costume ​designer, photographer and blogger Filep Motwary, will project new and older fashion films that had a great impact on the world of fashion.


The first day will start with the Fashion Films Opening Party, while a montage, made by Filep Motwary with the most glorious moments of fashion in modern cinema will be on, right after the film about Comme des Garçons “White Drama” exhibition and The Hunger (1983), starring Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie.

The days to follow we’ll be able to see documentaries about Diana Vreeland, Helmut Newton, Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood among others. A selection of winner short fashion films by Diane Pernet is included in the schedule, as well as short fashion interviews on film directed by Antoine Asseraf. Finally, the event will close on the 16th with the three-part documentary Fashion!, which casts a view on fashion from 1980s until today.

At NIXON Screening Room: Agisilaou 61, Athens

The entrance to the screenings is going to be free, but limited. Soon you will inform you about how to book your seat online. 

Poster photo courtesy of Sølve Sundsbø / The ever changing face of beauty / W magazine / P&G PRESTIGE”

Prada “Real Fantasies” FW 2013

For the “Real Fantasies” F/W 2013 by AMO, Prada introduces a sophisticated domestic imagery. Characters perform in a world of distorted normality, a collection of everyday moments assembled together to form the film noir of commonness.

The main topics explored in the collection stem from raw elegance and banal emotion, weaving in multiple interconnected stories. Profound romanticism, stories of normal men, women, and life, are brought together as an animated puzzle of recognizable daily elements.

For the first time, the inspirations from both Man and Woman shows overlap to shape a distorted graphic universe. Urbanity and a mysterious domestic ambience merge in a sequence of stories where simplicity is observed as the ultimate form of perfection.

YouTube Preview Image

Art Direction by AMO: Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Miguel Taborda, Lucia Venturini. Artwork: Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas. Editing /Visual Effects by APRIL: Matteo Frittelli, Gabrio Bellotti. Music by 3o: Andrea Cassano, Alessandro Sicardi, Fabio Visocchi. Filming by APRIL: Matteo Frittelli, Gabrio Bellotti. Focus Puller by 4FRIENDS: Krishna Agazzi, Massimo Cecchini, Gaia Ferme

You can find some previous works of OMA for Prada here, here and here.

Miu Miu Women’s Tales – The Door

Another Miu Miu film from the series “Women’s Tales” launched today, by Ava DuVernay:  “The Door”.

I love Miu Miu’s shorts films but this, especially.

ysmf.The_Door_07_photo_Brigitte Lacombe for Miu Miu

The new short film is a celebration of the transformative power of
feminine bonds, and a symbolic story of life change.

“The symbolic centre of The Door is the front entrance of the protagonist’s home. As she
opens it to greet a friend in the powerfully framed opening scenes, she is shrouded in
an oblique sadness. “In the film, characters arrive at the door of a friend in need, bringing
something of themselves”, explains DuVernay. “Eventually, we witness our heroine ready to
walk through the door on her own. The door in the film represents a pathway to who we are”.

ysmf.The_Door_03_photo_Brigitte Lacombe for Miu Miu

“Every time a woman makes a film it is a political act, in my view, whether we mean it to be or not” states DuVernay. “Films by women – whether comedy or drama, documentary or narrative – illustrate the human experience through a woman’s voice, through a woman’s eyes, through a woman’s creativity. Experiences which are often marginalized, fabricated or simply ignored. I think what Miu Miu is doing with this film series is wonderfully radical”.

YSMF.The_Door_04_photo_Brigitte Lacombe for Miu Miu

ysmf.The_Door_08_photo_Brigitte Lacombe for Miu Miu


Photos: Brigitte Lacombe



Real Fantasies #2

Collages from the second “Real Fantasies” project of Prada, this time for the summer collection, that was launched yesterday through an artistic video directed by OMA- click here to watch