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To Milan for the Yoga tablet

An express trip last week took me to Milan for the #Betterway pre-launch presentation party of the new Lenovo mega-product, the Yoga tablet. A wonderful black industrial space was encircled with high-tech columns, all showcasing the new tablet -each for every guest. As announced during the event, Ashton Kutcher has joined the Lenovo team as the new Product Engineer (!)

Though I never had any tremendous urge to obtain a tablet, I have to admit that the Yoga tablet is perfectly designed: Its cylindrical handle breaks the mold on “sea of sameness” tablet design, allowing users to more easily hold the tablet to read and browse the Internet, deploy the stand to sit it upright on a surface to watch movies and tilt the tablet down on a surface for a better viewing angle for touchscreen typing and reading. It also offers the possibility to use a cute little keyboard, which I love.

Wearing a beautiful black & white DeuxHommes dress with a lace cape

Kiss summer goodbye

I first visited Kinsterna boutique hotel when it opened its doors a couple of years ago, during a photoshoot for Vogue Hellas. Last week I payed another visit at this gem of Monemvasia, as a last summer call before we slip into our jumpers and boots and wait for fall (it’s not here yet, thank god). However, Kinsterna is ideal for autumn and winter excursions too, as its medieval architecture, its location up the hill and the rooms equipped with fireplaces, are more than inviting for a relaxing getaway. It is, also, privileged with a great garden and produces its own olive oil and wine, as well as other delicacies with seasonal goods. We tried a fig daquiri and some fig sorbet, both deliciously pure and fresh -it was amazing to watch the bartender walking towards the fig tree with a basket to cut some fruits for our drinks! The flowing water from the ancient stern is the absolute zen, and hotel’s restaurant offers some pretty good dishes, especially for dinner.
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Wait, there’s more.

For the wine lovers, Kinsterna announced a tasting weekend between 4 and 6 of October, when Master of wine Constantinos Lazarakis will introduce the guests to the secrets of blind testing. You can find more about Kinsterna’s special offer here.

Summer greetings

During my annual date with Tinos:

Swiming and eating was my daily routine.
My boys were the best fellow travelers I could ever ask.
Tinos offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece (if not in the whole world).
It was very windy -it always is.
The sunset photo was taken at Triantaros village.
All pareos and scarfs featured here are from TE.Pareo.
Try the local cheese/honey/figs -I ate tons of them and still fitted in my 50s high waisted bikinis (obsession is the right word to use). Try fish soup at Maistros tavern at Panormos, local delicacies at Eleni at Triantaros and all you can eat at Thalassaki, Isternia bay.
The boys fished 4 kg of fish. That’s what boys do. ysmf.windy ysmf.apigania.tinos ysmf.apigania.lbeach.tinos ysmf.shadow ysmf.ancient.spring.triantaros ysmf.volax.village.tinos ysmf.tinos.beach ysmf.kionia.beach.tinos ysmf.panos ysmf.aspros.yalos.tinos ysmf.vasilisysmf.sunset.triantaros.tinos ysmf.kolimpithra.beach.tinos ysmf.aspros.yalos.tinos.2 ysmf.high.waisted.bikini.bottom

Mini trip

Brief as it may have been, my trip last weekend on Kea island was exactly what I needed. The sea was great, the food too and my friends are the best in the world. In the photos below that prove my indolence you can spot fresh fish, a Pink Sands bikini that was just added in my summer suitcase, a new grey Te.Pareo for the beach, Korres suncare, details from the beach house and Karthea, a charming hotel built in the late 60s, with great history and an amazing thrifty staircase. ysmf.kea.island
ysmf_korres.suncare.te.pareo ysmf.karthea.hotel.2 ysmf.karthea.hotel.5 ysmf.karthea.hotel ysmf.karthea.hotel.3 ysmf.karthea.hotel.staircase


Sharing a moment, an experience, a day, a life with the ones you love is the meaning of living in this world we know. The greatest joy that reaches for a couple of seconds the feeling of crystal clear happiness. Two closest friends of mine got married last weekend in Rome, where they met once upon a time, studied and left a piece of their heart there when they left. No wedding ceremony in the world can outreach the real meaning of it all: the kind of love that has been here all this time to stay and was celebrated the way it deserved to.

Highlights: The ultra chic handmade wedding gown, the groom’s sur mesure trois piece, the 6th century orthodox church San Teodoro, the off white peonies, the after wedding haute cuisine lunch at Convivio Troiani carrying a Michelin star, the Semifreddo di Ricotta Romana with cialda di frolla, the warm ingenuous smiles everywhere around, the oceans of love, the unpretentious ceremony, the coolest couple I know. ysmf.preparing.the.bride ysmf.bridal.peonies
ysmf.sissy.andreas ysmf.sissy.and.dorina ysmf.el.convivio.troiani agnello.tutto.carre ysmf.piccola.pasticceriaysmf.bffysmf.the.couple.1 ysmf.the.couple.2


Moments in Rome

I spent the last five days in Rome living La Dolce Vita, due to a very special occasion. The wedding of my dearest friends Cici and Andreas. A four-day of unforgettable moment sharing with the ones I love. Here is a photo calendar of my trip, from the magnificent garden of Hotel Quirinale to the food experience in Rome.

Highlights: The gigantic tree in the garden of Quirinale, the live jazz at Etabli vineria, the welcome cocktail party at Salotto 42 (ranked Νο.2  in the best 100 bars by, the raw seafood at Baccano, the day trip at village Ariccia, the homemade tiramisu at Casa & Bottega, Rome in full bloom, Cici in her green dress looking happier than ever.

ysmf.hotel.quirinale.rome.2ysmf.hotel.quirinale.rome ysmf.despina.isopoulou.rome ysmf.hotel.quirinale.4ysmf.hotel.quirinale.6 ysmf.rome.salotto.42.panos ysmf.the.kiss ysmf.rome.salotto.42.piazza.di.pietra OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ysmf.rome.salotto.42.cici ysmf.rome.salotto.42.cocktails ysmf.rome.salotto.42.cocktailPicture 559 ysmf.champagne Picture 552 ysmf.gelateria.rome ysmf.rome.salotto.42.5 ysmf.fried.artichokes


Yves Saint Laurent – A Visionary

Chris sends love from Brussels:

“The Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation exceptionally presents at the ING Cultural Centre, at Place Royale in Brussels, creations from the Yves Saint Laurent collection, a major part on display for the first time, in a solo exhibition devoted to the Parisian fashion designer.
Women’s desire, masculin-feminin, the shock of colours, the paper fashion house, the heart, jewelry, drawings and sketches come together to reveal the alchemy of the Saint Laurent style
…and oh the 1965 bride standing there, most highly protected from evil photo shooting…

Well this is what came out by poor hidden camera and several warnings from security guards”.

ysmf.ysl exhibition entry1ysmf.ysl exhibition.expo ysmf.ysl exhibition.portraitysmf.ysl exhibition.TheBride1 ysmf.ysl exhibition.poseysmf.ysl exhibition.drawing ysmf.ysl exhibition.voyage3ysmf.ysl.thepaperfashionhouse ysmf.ysl.thepaperfashionhouse1ysmf.ysl.thepaperfashionhouse2 ysmf.ysl.thepaperfashionhouse3ysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeartysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeart1 ysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeart2ysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeart4 ysmf.ysl exhibition.TheHeart3JPGysmf.ysl exhibition 2ysmf.ysl exhibition 4 ysmf.ysl exhibition 7ysmf.ysl exhibition 11ysmf.ysl exhibition 9ysmf.ysl exhibition 8
ysmf.ysl exhibition 10ysmf.ysl exhibition 12 ysmf.ysl exhibition LOVE


First excursion in a while.

 I was more of a weekender than I could possibly be. My need for a gettaway drove me to the mounts of Arcadia, at Michael Pandos’s country house

-man! does this guy know to make beautiful living spaces.

Below you can see me, mainly lying in various corners of the house and around the village/lake/yard, doing practically nothing. I did pretty good. Before I left the city Thanos Samaras suggested to make my own poncho (as a good fashion editor would do) but, thankfully, Michael had blankets and ponchos in every couch or chair possible and spared me some time and effort.

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summer extension

It has been nothing of an autumn since the 1st of September so, a few days ago, I took the opportunity to pamper myself with something like a holidays extension at Costa Navarino. Relaxation overload in a magnificent location on the west coast of Peloponese, that was quite a surprise for me, since I didn’t know the resort’s highlight: an immense beach with thin, blonde sand and crystal clear water. Could I possibly ask for more? I did actually. I made a good use of the Anazoe Spa, I ate gigantic breakfasts, Ι picked lavender for my winter closets and slept for ours on white crisp sheets, feeling as we speak, more than ready to confront the weather change.

Paris: A Collage

favourite pieces of art at Pompidou

at Colette

hanging out with ma boys/eating tons of chevre

Natalia for Stella McCartney

Giuseppe Zanotti & Lanvin

YouTube Preview Image
At the Gaultier show

Rollerblade Parade

at Viktor&Rolf fashion show

That was the only show that I catched at Tuilleries, since the rest were scattered all around Paris (poor me).

I must say I enjoyed Viktor&Rolf Summer 2013 collection more than last summer’s. More wearable clothes, soft and a bit 80s -many long dresses for next year if you’ve noticed. And is there something with big flowers on clothes? Prada did her own naive version on her collection and Viktor&Rolf adorned some of the garments with big metallic roses.

Gaultier’s Music Stars

Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show was a party, an ode to music stars!

Disco balls and colorful headlights warmed us up of what was next and “Kiss” at the front row was another hint.

Models came out dressed as Grace Jones and then the music changed to Eurythmics “Sweet dreams” and multiple Annie Lenoxes appeared -and then changed again and black models came out as sexy Michael Jacksons under the matching soundtrack. Dancers were giving their own show at the back while gorgeous girls were parading as Charlotte Gainsbourgs, Madonnas, Boy Georges, Sades, Catherine Ringer and David Bowies,

in perfect alignment with the soundtrack!

The finale was dedicated to Amanda Lear playing herself and the show ended with the dancers and Jean-Paul running down the catwalk in laughs, overloading the guests with party vibes!

I have also taken a couple of videos but you have to wait for those a bit, dear fashion junkies.