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Il Trovatore

with magnificent arias and epic choruses- like the widely known Anvil- Verdi’s romantic opera “Il Trovatore” at Herodion thater was the most suitable choice for a warm june evening. I also enjoyed the artistic direction and costumes of Stefano Ponta- although the cast must had been suffocating for two and a half hours, under the heavy leather-like coats


i finally made it and woke up in time today to see the exhibition of sculptor, painter, installation artist and costume designer Yiannis Metzikof at the National Glyptotheque. more than 230 impressive costumes and masks are gathered to highlight the artist’s great contribution to the theater and if you visit before 13.00 you’ll have Mr. Metzikof himself to tour you around sharing precious information

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beautiful Katerina Missihroni, playing at ‘Bijoux de Kant, Werther’ based on Goethe’s ‘The sorrows of young Werther’, at Onassis Cultural Center. backstage at her photoshoot by Katerina Tsatsanis for Vogue Hellas magazine. Direction and set by Yiannis Scourletis. Silk dress and lace coat by DeuxHommes.

a night at Herodion

having spent last weekend pretending to be on vacations, on saturday evening i took the walk to Herodion Theater to watch Bellini’s Norma. i always catch  a play every summer at Herodion, the atmosphere cannot be compared to anything else

i was pleasantly surprised to see a modern direction of the play, with costumes and sets following the same minimalism.  In the story, the male co-star falls in and out of love TOO many times with Norma and that doesn’t make him very popular, as you can imagine, but they die together hand-in-hand at the end.  i strongly believe Norma should never have followed him into the fire but women in love are so stupid.

after that and for many hours i stayed at my friend’s balcony at Thissio enjoying  the view above, and found it extremely difficult to take the decision and actually leave. who can blaim me.

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The most popular aria from the play, Casta Diva (which always reminds me of that Aparadektoi episode with Spyros’s boss eating chicken listening to Casta Diva, hilarious) by Montserrat Caballe.