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Let’s get serious

Ladies, I have news: It’s sales time.
One of my most beloved brands “V Society” offers the summer collection “AURA” 50% off, so if you have been dreaming about that gorgeous silk fringe kimono you saw here, thinking about investing on a statement suit or a timeless silk dress, you are a few clicks away from making it yours half price.

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Gold, white and navy are masterfully paired with the classic black and the alluring burgundy. The “AURA” collection consist of loose see-through dresses, super chic jackets, high-waisted, pleated baggy pants, denim-cotton jean shorts, ultra feminine bodices and stylish kimonos.

This collection exudes a timeless feminine flare offering a numerous mix and match choices for super chic outfits, catering to the desire of being unattached by current trends.

28 °C and counting

While packing my beach bag initiating the summer season, two things are in my mind:
New bathing suits and suncare. Latest obsessions are no other than the bikini and tea-cup swimsuit by Paolita coming straight from the 50s, though I wouldn’t say no to the crochet beach dresses either, from the same collection.
Apart from my facial sun protection throughout the year, my pochette also includes L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun protection milk for golden tan SPF20, L’oreal Elvive dry hair oil (how could I pull through the summer without a hair oil?) and the Radical hair gel for a much needed natural wavy hair look.



Last ten days were about:
A soft light blue-grey silk dress by V Society (damn I love this color).
Black high heel suede sandals by Sante that popped through my door the other day.
“Charnieres” gold and diamond drop earrings and cuffs by the ever so talented Yannis Sergakis. In love with them is an understatement.
My whole house smells of rose. Rose Soaps and Rose scented wax soapdish by Santa Maria di Novella, one of the most ancient pharmaceutical workshops in Florence that produces enchanting soaps and perfumes since the 16th century. Exclusively at El.Marnieri gallery.
Mariah’s final recording “Utakata no Hibi” (1983), one of those albums to be on my Top 5 list for life.
Handmade easter eggs as usual, and a small getaway to catch up on lost sleep.

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Prada Graffiti

Prada “Graffiti” is a playful capsule collection of ready-to-wear garments and accessories that mix contrasting and loud colors. A selection that speaks through images from the muralists, mixing them up and reinterpreting them to explore the many facets of femininity.

On sale from April, offering a range of styles in cotton teamed with suede sandals.

ysmf.Prada.Spring.Graffiti.collection.2014 ysmf.Prada.Spring.Graffiti.collection.2014.1 ysmf.Prada.Spring.Graffiti.collection.2014.2

Sotiris Georgiou Summer 2014

“Complexity is Simplicity” is the name of the Spring-Summer 2014 collection of Sotiris Georgiou, aiming to state a game based on fashion maths. Adding and subtracting on the same garment. The balance between all the information gathered, minus the minimal frame. Clustered pleats fold and unfold in monochrome, a busy front equals a quiet back and vise versa.

I tried on all my favorite pieces  and if it was in mind hand, I’d wear the men collection too.





ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.white.dress ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.2 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.5 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.6 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.4 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.7 ysmf.sotiris.georgiou.summer.2014.mens.collection.2 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.mens.collection