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Ariane Labed for Yannis Sergakis

Greek-born french beauty and well-known actress Ariane Labed stars in the new series of images of one of my favorite jewelry designers, Yannis Sergakis. The shooting took place in Athens a couple of months ago and taking care of the styling of the campaign was such an amazing thing for me to do. Thanks to a fantastic team the photo shoot looks great, resembling scenes of an atmospheric film and Ariane shines in all her earthy beauty.

Below you can find some backstage images (remember part I ?) plus a mini interview of Ariane Labed exclusively for Youstrikemyfancy.

Many thanks to all the crew and especially George Anthoulakis and Yannis Sergakis.






What intrigued you in Yannis Sergakis’ proposition to be the face of his new collection? What made you say yes?


“Τhe truth is that I wasn’t that excited in the beginning, since I don’t like being exposed as “Ariane”, without having a role to play. However, I loved Yannis’ jewelry collection. And I also loved the idea of being part of a promising greek brand. I truly believe that there are numerous talented people in Greece and I want to support them as much as I can.”


Talk to us a bit about the photoshoot, what dis tou enjoy the most?

“The whole team was great. We moved around Athens in several locations, and although I was in town for just a couple of days, I had the chance to see so many different things and the city that I absolutely love.







You live in London but you travel all over Europe quite often. What is the feedback that you get regarding greek artists? Are greek makers known abroad?

“Most people think I’m Greek so they often come and talk to me about Greece and I absolutely love it! French are very fond of Greece -although I cannot say the same thing for others. People talk to me about the movies that I’ve done here (Attenberg, Alps and the Capsule) and about my team ‘Vasistas’. There’s a huge interest about what goes on artistically in Greece.”

You have received many Best Actress awards up to now (Best Actress – 67th Venice International Film Festival, Best Actress – Angers European First Film Festival, Best Actress – Hellenic Film Academy 2011). What makes an actress “the best”?

“I have no idea. There’s no such thing. An award is a reward for a job you’ve done. And, in addition, it is completely subjective.”

What is your relationship with fashion? Is there any meeting point between fashion and your work?

“I don’t have much to do with fashion. I like clothes and certain designers (like my good friend Marios Schwab), but fashion seems a crazy world to me. Costumes always help me sink into a character. They always change your walk, the way you stand and sit. It is a very creative process.”

Raw Tailored

“Raw Tailored”, the G-Star Raw initiative together with Ozon magazine that offers the opportunity to customize and create your very own personalized G-Star denim, arrived in Athens on Wednesday at the new G-Star boutique at The Mall Athens, and I couldn’t miss the chance to watch live the procedure and also see my friends who either posed especially for the event or passed by to say hi.
gstar.raw gstar1 gstar2 gstar5 ysmf.despina.isopoulou.g-star ysmf.gstar.raw.4 gstar3

Wearing a Yiorgos Eleftheriades wool black&white knit and a Tara Jarmon long men’s jacket. Portraits and event photos by Ioanna Chatziandreou.

Web fashion insiders

Those backstage photos I showed you a couple of days ago were taken during the photoshoot below for In Style mag November issue. The feature is about fashion on the internet -bloggers and online fashion editors- so I talked a bit about my blog and personal style. By “talked” I mean to myself, since I edited the whole feature. A kind of an Inception case here.

Wearing a cape dress by DeuxHommes. Make up & hair: Dimitris Sarantou. Photo: Yiorgos Kaplanidis

The picture was shot at the atelier of my beloved DeuxHommes, special thanks to sweethearts Dimitris Alexakis & Grigoris Triantafillou.

With the boys

Here you can se me enjoying the luxury of being taken care of by two of the best: Dimitris Sarantou did my -admittedly- gorgeous hair & make up and Yiorgos Kaplanidis took the photos of a special feature to be published soon. Something like a small teaser below, wearing leather Helmut Lang jumper and Pinko pencil skirt. But wait until you see the final cut.
ysmf.dimitris.sarantou.despina.isopoulou ysmf.dimitris.sarantou.despina.isopoulou.2

#Denimon by H&M and Ozon Raw

Denim night was On the other day at the H&M store downtown for the photography exhibition by Ozon Raw. Many thanks to H&M Hellas and Ozon magazine for inviting me to participate in this project and to Kostas Stavropoulos for the beautiful photo. I have a pigeon on my head!

I wore a pair of H&M boyfriend jeans, a sheer jumper and the cutest lip shaped necklace, all by H&M. You can also find the look of each participant hanging on the rails, available for purchase. (I told mom she could buy me, she laughed).
Last picture by Spyros Kanatas.

Eyes Wide Open

Busy bee, busy me.

I recently started writing for Votre Beaute magazine and this is the first spread I did for the column “Style Secrets”, both text and photos. My guest was her gorgeousness Elisabeth Leau, the megababe behind the eyewear brand Deepshallow Exposition.
The August issue is out already and here are some extra shots I took of Elisabeth, at an impressive house designed and owned by architect Nikos Smirlis.

Find the original piece in greek at the end of the post.

ysmf.elizabeth.leau.portraitysmf.elizabeth.leau ysmf.elizabeth.leau.mcqueen.ring ysmf.nikos.smirlis.houseysmf.elizabeth.leau.portrait.2 ysmf.elizabeth.leau.portrait.3 ysmf.nikos.smirlis.5 ysmf.favorite.books ysmf.elizabeth.leau.portrait.6 ysmf.elizabeth.leau.portrait.7



Είναι σίγουρο ότι η Εlisabeth Leau δεν περνάει απαρατήρητη. Με κορμοστασιά μοντέλου, λεία επιδερμίδα, μεγάλα μάτια κι εντυπωσιακό χτένισμα, είναι αναμφισβήτητα ένα από τα πιο όμορφα και ενδιαφέροντα κορίτσια που κυκλοφορούν στην Αθήνα. «Μικρή ήθελα να γίνω ή μπαλαρίνα ή αρχιτέκτονας», μου λέει ενώ συζητάμε για την καλλιτεχνική της τάση. «Τελικά επέλεξα Aρχιτεκτονική και Spatial Design στο Central Saint Martins στο Λονδίνο». Όμως, το αεικίνητο κορίτσι που μπαινόβγαινε και
έπαιζε με τις πρώτες ύλες στο εργοστάσιο οπτικών του παππού
της δεν έμεινε μόνο εκεί. Έχοντας μια έμφυτη αγάπη για τη μόδα, το design και το στιλ με άποψη –όπως είναι, άλλωστε, και το δικό της–, αναβίωσε το ιστορικό παρελθόν της οικογένειας που μεταπολεμικά είχε ανοίξει το πρώτο εργοστάσιο κατασκευής γυαλιών ηλίου και οράσεως στην Ελλάδα και συνέχισε την τέχνη του χειροποίητου, δημιουργώντας το δικό της brand με το όνομα Deep Shallow Exposition.

«Μου βγήκε εντελώς φυσικά. Στην αρχή ξεκίνησα για να κάνω ένα ξεχωριστό δώρο στους φίλους μου ή να φτιάξω για τον εαυτό μου το σχέδιο που ακριβώς ήθελα. Όμως, όλη αυτή η δημιουργία με τράβηξε τόσο πολύ – όταν είμαι ανάμεσα στα μηχανήματα και τα υλικά αισθάνομαι να βρίσκομαι μέσα σ’ έναν κόσμο μαγικό, γεμάτο πολύτιμα πετράδια!»

Η Elisabeth παρακολουθεί τις τάσεις αλλά κρατά μόνο μια εικόνα και τη γνώση του τι γίνεται γύρω της, ενώ η ίδια δεν επηρεάζεται άμεσα. «Δεν μ’ ενδιαφέρει η μαζικότητα της μόδας, θέλω να προσφέρω κάτι διαφορετικό», τονίζει. Το προσωπικό της στιλ είναι ανδρόγυνο, μίνιμαλ, με μεγάλη επιρροή από τα ’80s και τα
’90s και ιδιαίτερα από την γκαρνταρόμπα της μαμάς της, από την οποία δανείζεται συνεχώς πολλά κομμάτια, με τη σφραγίδα μιας  «παλιάς vintage δόξας». Αγαπά τις συλλογές των Maison Martin Margiela και Saint Laurent Paris, καθώς και τα πιο «σκοτεινά» κομμάτια του Riccardo Tisci για τον Givenchy, ενώ στην ντουλάπα της μπορεί να βρει κανείς πολλά bold τακούνια, μεγάλα αξεσουάρ και έντονα κοσμήματα. «Οι φίλοι μου λένε πως είμαι χαμαιλέοντας. Και σε ένα μεγάλο βαθμό είναι αλήθεια, μπορώ να φορέσω ένα μάξι, εξώπλατο, τολμηρό φόρεμα κι ένα αντρικό κοστούμι με την ίδια χαρά».

the boys

10% work and 90% pleasure: on location for a special photoshoot and a highly exciting project of my sweetheart Filep

More than a woman

My beloved friends

On Thursday 8th of March, Ozon Raw in collaboration with concept store Shop Ermou 112A will celebrate the Women’s Day, by providing to every woman free beauty treatments and great discounts to Shop’s new collections.

And that’s not all: 8 bloggers participate to the “Fashion Bloggers United” exhibition, by presenting a photo of their inspirational woman of 2012. I’ll be there praising a very special person with my participation, and i’ll be more than happy to see you over a manicure and some shopping

You can see more about the event here

Miu Miu Resort 2012

Guinevere Van Seenus is the main face of Miu Miu resort campaign, inspired by the aristocratic and noble portraits of Renaissance and shot by David Sims in London. Taffeta, transparency, lace, balloon sleeves, are enriched with jewelry: brass chokers and earrings with multi colored crystals and pearls.