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Clean cut, white pure and as simple as that.
You have to love the bias cut of this Zeus + Dione flared outfit composed by a loose blouse and a perfectly fitted skirt, made of wool and silk. As well as the sharp neatness of Yannis Sergakis fine jewelry: Two pairs of long Crochet earrings with diamonds made of pink and white gold and two Liens necklaces made of yellow and black gold with brown and white diamonds accordingly.
Photos by Ioanna Chatziandreou






Leather shoulder bag Marc Jacobs. Suede cut out booties Sante.

Ariadne’s Thread

And this is how I intend to infuse some greek tradition in my everyday wardrobe.
The winter collection of Zeus + Dione is a cavalcade of handmade greek-folk inspired pieces made of the finest fabrics
like thick cotton, greek silk and woven wool.
The accessories series is enriched with some leather bags, shoes, belts and hand crochet wool pouches. As for the “Astypalea” cotton blouse and the high waisted trousers, this is my kind of perfect outfit.
ysnf.zeus.dione.cotton.handmade.blouse.white ysmf.zeus.dione.wool.cape ysmf.zeus.dione.leather.bags ysnf.zeus.dione.blouse.trousers ysnf.zeus.dione.cotton.handmade.blouse.leather.belt

Remember that Zeus + Dione maxi silk dress from Marie Claire Blog Awards? You can find it here in an off-white color.

Let’s get serious

Ladies, I have news: It’s sales time.
One of my most beloved brands “V Society” offers the summer collection “AURA” 50% off, so if you have been dreaming about that gorgeous silk fringe kimono you saw here, thinking about investing on a statement suit or a timeless silk dress, you are a few clicks away from making it yours half price.

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ysmf.vsociety.blazer#60.jeans.#61ysmf.vsociety.blazer60ysmf.v.society.bodiceysmf.v.society.fringe.kimono.64 #59ysmf.vsociety.white.kimono58ysmf.v.society.dress.66.(1)ysmf.vsociety.ss14.beach.tunic.#57

Gold, white and navy are masterfully paired with the classic black and the alluring burgundy. The “AURA” collection consist of loose see-through dresses, super chic jackets, high-waisted, pleated baggy pants, denim-cotton jean shorts, ultra feminine bodices and stylish kimonos.

This collection exudes a timeless feminine flare offering a numerous mix and match choices for super chic outfits, catering to the desire of being unattached by current trends.