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It opened its doors ten days ago and it is without doubt one of the most beautiful bars in town. Art deco, an exotic touch and exquisite bartenders (well known Dimitris Dimitriou is the Chef de bar) prepare high quality drinks at Kyrios, and nothing less.
A small menu will be announced soon, too. My second visit there coincided with the dj set of my friend Dimitris Papadatos spinning some african tunes and more names will join. Immaculate Negroni and Whisky Sour by far folks.

Ode to McCartney

This post is about a dress that gave me the chills when I first slipped in it and caresses my skin like the touch of an angel’s kiss. I can only talk about it with words of the heart and praise its beauty to eternity, for I have found love. 
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Having a blast at Miss-Athenes’s wedding party. Last two photos with Battered Couture and Christopher Kane taken by photographer Constantinos Caravatellis.

Stella McCartney dress, L.A.M.B sandals, vintage ant necklace.

Mr.&Mrs. Lehec

I couldn’t expect nothing less from Mariaflora and Jonas than a wedding party as cool as fuck. And forgive my french for such an occasion but that was one amazing, tender, fun, loving party, with THE coolest music by Rattler Proxy and the couple’s friends that also performed in their honor. And, as we wouldn’t want to skip the fashion part, Mariaflora wore a stunning wedding gown she designed and a gorgeous second dress that her friend Christopher Kane did for her. Below you will see the happy couple, the bride with the designer and all their friends that danced like Saturday was their last day on earth.

All the happiness to you guys.
photo (16) ysmf.despina.and.mirella

I owe half of the pictures above to my friend Aesthetic Fiasco

The love birds

The engagement party of Mariaflora and Jonas could be nothing less than dreamy and fun. The couple welcomed some close friends to a garden dinner decorated to perfection, with wine and delicious fingerfood. As if we had mentally communicated, both Mariaflora and me payed tribute to Anna Molinari, sporting some off white delicate dresses -that ethereal frock looked absolutely gorgeous on her.

Congratulations guys, love you






Moments in Rome

I spent the last five days in Rome living La Dolce Vita, due to a very special occasion. The wedding of my dearest friends Cici and Andreas. A four-day of unforgettable moment sharing with the ones I love. Here is a photo calendar of my trip, from the magnificent garden of Hotel Quirinale to the food experience in Rome.

Highlights: The gigantic tree in the garden of Quirinale, the live jazz at Etabli vineria, the welcome cocktail party at Salotto 42 (ranked Νο.2  in the best 100 bars by, the raw seafood at Baccano, the day trip at village Ariccia, the homemade tiramisu at Casa & Bottega, Rome in full bloom, Cici in her green dress looking happier than ever.

ysmf.hotel.quirinale.rome.2ysmf.hotel.quirinale.rome ysmf.despina.isopoulou.rome ysmf.hotel.quirinale.4ysmf.hotel.quirinale.6 ysmf.rome.salotto.42.panos ysmf.the.kiss ysmf.rome.salotto.42.piazza.di.pietra OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ysmf.rome.salotto.42.cici ysmf.rome.salotto.42.cocktails ysmf.rome.salotto.42.cocktailPicture 559 ysmf.champagne Picture 552 ysmf.gelateria.rome ysmf.rome.salotto.42.5 ysmf.fried.artichokes


Fashion Room Service XL

Me and my friends at the biggest Ozon Fashion Rooms Service so far, at Fresh Hotel.
ysmf.ozon.vasilis.konstantoudakis ysmf.somf.mariaflora ysmf.somf.skirt ysmf.deepshallow.exposition.elizabeth ysmf.mirella.alexouysmf.ippolito.bags.pavlina ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.jewels ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.despina.isopoulou

From left to right, Somf boys and the ultimate somfette Mariaflora, queen Elisabeth rocking her latest Deepshallow Exposition sunglasses, Mirella at Red bull Edition, Pavlina and her color candy Ippolito bags, Mimika Ciboyianni in a garden of her crystal jewelry and yours truly, in a Somf sheer top and skirt, topped by a handmade Mimika necklace.

And the view from the terrace of Fresh Hotel after sunset.

Second photo from the bottom taken by Ioanna Chatziandreou.

Diesel goes Spring

Diesel welcomed Spring with a jazz party and a live performance by Thomais Apergi, under the creative direction of the highly sophisticated Michael Pandos. In case you didn’t know, Diesel owns a vintage collection of furniture from the 60s and 70s to-make-you-go-red, that were transfered on location especially for the presentation.

The fingerfood by Wagamama was ordered in the hues of the Diesel Summer 2013 collection (how eccentric to match the clothes with what one eats) and as for the drinks the best cocktail on planet earth was served: French 76 was the name of a heavenly made champagne-and-vodka mix, the favorite cocktail that Kate Moss enjoys at The Hemingway bar of Ritz Hotel in Paris -and the one that she later chose for her wedding party. I had three and I’d almost crawl on the floor of the Golden Hall. Loved it.

French 76: 

3/4 oz vodka
1 dash grenadine syrup
1 dash sugar syrup
1/4 oz lemon juice
4 oz Champagne

Shake all ingredients (except champagne) well over ice cubes in a shaker. Strain into a champagne flute, fill with champagne, and serve.

fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.thomais.apergi fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.4 fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.heaven.76.cocktail fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.pandos fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.2 fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.5 fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.3 fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.alex.kavdas.myrto fwbvk.diesel.lemoncake.wardrobe

Les fleurs de Bach

Seeing all my favorite faces in one night -that’s what I call a proper bar hopping with my dearest Filep.

Checking out the latest issue of Dapper Dan together with its publishing team at Galaxy bar (great job you guys) and catching up later on with Athens’ brightest flora crowd at the Amateur Boys’ costume party “Les Fleurs de Bach” un Carnaval élixir, with  guest djs Chris Kontos and Thomas Bullock.
ysmf.dapper.dan. ysmf.pascal.filepmotwary ysmf.pascal.filep.genevieve ysmf.sixdogs.chris.kontos ysmf.sixdogs.amateur.party2

Nike Air Max Party

Those people at Nike love us and we love them back. Dozens of pairs of the brand new re-edited Nike Air Max got together with other iconic Nike models, in a big party last night for a special Air Max celebration, held at Ministry of Concrete store and Tora K44. From left to right: Kristen, FilioMariaflora and Mr. Dreamer on duty.

Fashion Room Service up North

Sure we went over the latest Fashion Room Service at Y Hotel, a great opportunity always to meet with friends and check what’s new. The highlights: The coolest greek shades Deepshallow Exposition by gorgeous Elizabeth (say hello to the high-voltage blond beauty below), hanging around at room 404 with Mariaflora and the Somfs, the new Adidas by Jeremy Scott, Bela’s latest jewelry and old-fashioned drinks accompanied by some 80s tunes at hotel Pentelikon afterwards (last night’s OST belongs officially to Donna Allen)

Image-1 (2)Image-1 (1)missathenesanthoulakisImage-1 (3) Image-1 (6)
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dark amber

Definitely one of the best nights of Christmas holidays till now:

Dinner chez monsieur Pandos was a combination of ingenuous elegance, great food, outrageous late

night tales and hysterical laughs. I had missed that.

photo (8) michaelphoto (10) photo (13)photo (4) photo (9)eleniphoto (5)

Into the Fashion Wonderland

A big fancy fairy-tale party was the way that Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya chose to celebrate Christmas and the big success of its blogzine, in which I have the honor and pleasure to participate.

The decoration and dresscode was inspired by Tim Walker’s photoshoots and Tim Burton’s dark movies,

so this left the guests with some freedom regarding their attire.

Vicky was a fabulous hostess, Catherine Baba was also there as the guest of honor invited especially for the party, beautiful people and fever music  -definitely a great party.


Cocteles y Xmas, almost de Cuba

It’s nice to feel an 8 year-old  every now and then, plus allowed to have alcohol on top of that. It was really fun making my own Christmas ornaments last night at TGI Fridays, together with my girlfriends and the new Havana-inspired cocktails, with three different types of Havana rum and lots of fantasy. All thanks to Valia of

pixlr (2)pixlr (3)pixlr (1)pixlr (4)pixlr (5)pixlr

Unique Edition Night Out

Colorsplash, familiar faces, a live performance by Marina Satti and a zillion Absolut Unique Edition bottles (from which, one came home with me) at last night’s Absolut party.

By the way , may I say that the Unique Edition is the best creative of Absolut so far -statement coming from a pure Absolut fanatic.

photo (9)photo (10)photo (6)photo (4)photo (5)marinasatti