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To Milan for the Yoga tablet

An express trip last week took me to Milan for the #Betterway pre-launch presentation party of the new Lenovo mega-product, the Yoga tablet. A wonderful black industrial space was encircled with high-tech columns, all showcasing the new tablet -each for every guest. As announced during the event, Ashton Kutcher has joined the Lenovo team as the new Product Engineer (!)

Though I never had any tremendous urge to obtain a tablet, I have to admit that the Yoga tablet is perfectly designed: Its cylindrical handle breaks the mold on “sea of sameness” tablet design, allowing users to more easily hold the tablet to read and browse the Internet, deploy the stand to sit it upright on a surface to watch movies and tilt the tablet down on a surface for a better viewing angle for touchscreen typing and reading. It also offers the possibility to use a cute little keyboard, which I love.

Wearing a beautiful black & white DeuxHommes dress with a lace cape

cha cha!

with a fine dinner for only ten greek bloggers in athens, v&o communications and HTC decided to present their new smart phone, the brand new and very promising Cha Cha. specialized HTC technicians were there to introduce us with our very intelligent phone. it was hard to leave my beloved blackberry but a new Cha Cha? come on

Cha Cha will be available in greece in about ten days