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Mixtape: The Cosmic Hearth


“This mixtape was compiled for a friend from afar during his summer -our winter- and for a potentially epic music festival he never attended, hours from the city, deep within the bush and with hardly any gsm reception.
A spiritual roadtrip far from the sea through the rocky woods to purge the troubled mind, douse off the summer heat with some cleansing crystal water from the other end of the world immersing the senses in the clarity of the purified soul, away from the lights, under a hateless night sky”.

Words and mixtape by Panos. You can download it here.


Deuter, Govindas, Renu, Nivedano & Rupesh - Satsang 1  (Basho's Pond)	
Steve Hillage - Garden Of Paradise  (Rainbow Dome Musick)
Stringtronics - Dawn Mists  (Mindbender)
Normil Hawaiians - Yellow Rain  (More Wealth Than Money)
Vangelis - Good To See You  (The City)
Macintosh Plus - 420 Modern Computing Lisa Frank  (Floral Shop)
Mop Mop - Black Ivory  (Isle of Magic)
Jean-Claude Vannier - Le Roi des Mouches et la Confiture de Rose  (L'Enfant Assassin des Mouches)
Deuter, Govindas, Renu, Nivedano & Rupesh - Satsang 2  (Basho's Pond)
Karera Musication - 0  (Ichi The Killer)
Stevie Wonder - Ai No, Sono  (Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants)
Susumu Hirasawa - Gats  (Berserk)
Virgil Howe - Someday  (Someday)
Psarogiorgis - Mauri Korfi  (Antipodes)
June Tabor - Lisbon  (Ashes and Diamonds)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

my last upload for July is something like a celebration: a post for my favorite street musicians and brass band ever- there used to be a beautiful post for Hypnotic Brass Ensemble in my mate’s blog once upon a time, but since it doesn’t exist anymore i feel i owe a tribute to this family of musicians, eight brothers, all sons of trumpeter Kelan Phi Cohran.

so, the story goes like this: last year Vassilis told me about Hypnotic, sharing this video below and i was instantly hypnotized. i have a thing with trumpets and brass in general.  browsing around, found out that the band from Chicago would  perform live in NY, the dates of my trip there. Magic.

YouTube Preview Image

booked tickets on line and saw one of the most joyful concerts ever (missed you Cloam, bastard). came back with all their cds. recorded some lousy videos as you’ll see below but you get the spirit. listening to them all day through today, while packing up for vacations.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

please, pleaaaase, watch that guy above at 0.16 throwing a chair in the air. HYPE.

YouTube Preview Image