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Love in orange

Strawberry Pavlova and Aperol spritz at Πbox, old Comme des garcons wallet VS new Marc Jacobs bag, and the re-released album of Raul Lovisoni & Francesco Messina (remember?) from 1979 that my brother got me for Christmas (me happy to the moon and back). He even printed the first LP cover, since he knew how much I love it ♡




Kiss summer goodbye

I first visited Kinsterna boutique hotel when it opened its doors a couple of years ago, during a photoshoot for Vogue Hellas. Last week I payed another visit at this gem of Monemvasia, as a last summer call before we slip into our jumpers and boots and wait for fall (it’s not here yet, thank god). However, Kinsterna is ideal for autumn and winter excursions too, as its medieval architecture, its location up the hill and the rooms equipped with fireplaces, are more than inviting for a relaxing getaway. It is, also, privileged with a great garden and produces its own olive oil and wine, as well as other delicacies with seasonal goods. We tried a fig daquiri and some fig sorbet, both deliciously pure and fresh -it was amazing to watch the bartender walking towards the fig tree with a basket to cut some fruits for our drinks! The flowing water from the ancient stern is the absolute zen, and hotel’s restaurant offers some pretty good dishes, especially for dinner.
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Wait, there’s more.

For the wine lovers, Kinsterna announced a tasting weekend between 4 and 6 of October, when Master of wine Constantinos Lazarakis will introduce the guests to the secrets of blind testing. You can find more about Kinsterna’s special offer here.

Lime Exotics

Enjoying the  frivolity of beach life at TGI Friday’s located at Astir Beach. Lime and strawberry cocktails with agave kept coming through out the evening and new tasteful plates were introduced to editors, fashion and food bloggers, accompanied by live latin music and firefly jongler dancers. Fun times with Filio, Joanna and Xeni.

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Sharing a moment, an experience, a day, a life with the ones you love is the meaning of living in this world we know. The greatest joy that reaches for a couple of seconds the feeling of crystal clear happiness. Two closest friends of mine got married last weekend in Rome, where they met once upon a time, studied and left a piece of their heart there when they left. No wedding ceremony in the world can outreach the real meaning of it all: the kind of love that has been here all this time to stay and was celebrated the way it deserved to.

Highlights: The ultra chic handmade wedding gown, the groom’s sur mesure trois piece, the 6th century orthodox church San Teodoro, the off white peonies, the after wedding haute cuisine lunch at Convivio Troiani carrying a Michelin star, the Semifreddo di Ricotta Romana with cialda di frolla, the warm ingenuous smiles everywhere around, the oceans of love, the unpretentious ceremony, the coolest couple I know. ysmf.preparing.the.bride ysmf.bridal.peonies
ysmf.sissy.andreas ysmf.sissy.and.dorina ysmf.el.convivio.troiani agnello.tutto.carre ysmf.piccola.pasticceriaysmf.bffysmf.the.couple.1 ysmf.the.couple.2


Moments in Rome

I spent the last five days in Rome living La Dolce Vita, due to a very special occasion. The wedding of my dearest friends Cici and Andreas. A four-day of unforgettable moment sharing with the ones I love. Here is a photo calendar of my trip, from the magnificent garden of Hotel Quirinale to the food experience in Rome.

Highlights: The gigantic tree in the garden of Quirinale, the live jazz at Etabli vineria, the welcome cocktail party at Salotto 42 (ranked Νο.2  in the best 100 bars by, the raw seafood at Baccano, the day trip at village Ariccia, the homemade tiramisu at Casa & Bottega, Rome in full bloom, Cici in her green dress looking happier than ever.

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Easter zen

What I love more about Easter holidays is that I have plenty of time for gardening and cooking. And enjoying the peace of my house. Spring outfit consists of pajama-type suit with wide pants, stripes, the vintage Versace necklace, Balenciaga lace up pumps and a pair of so-very-90s DeepshallowExposition sunglasses.

ysmf.pyjama.pants ysmf.balenciaga.pumps. ysmf.easter.eggs.handmade ysmf.chocolate.cake ysmf.tree.leaves


On Sunday night dinner was served chez Eleni Psychouli, with homemade cheese & olive breads, meat soup with veggies, pies and greek delicacies. Unpretentious hospitality, inherent kindness and love is what always makes those nights with her the best time spent ever.

For all food lovers who don’t know it yet, Eleni launched a couple of months ago her food blog, To Pirouni(Very proud to say that I kind-of have been featured there). ysmf.eleni.psyhouli. ysmf.eleni.psyhouli.home.made bread

tea for four

And four for tea.
Pre-new year’s eve girls’ noon out for tea at Hotel Grand Bretagne, sprinkled with powder sugar and cinnamon
patio_grande_bretagne high teaxmas cookies hotel grande bretagnemiss-athenes_allyouneedisstyle tea at grand bretagne hotel

Black is the new Black is Back

Black is the new Black (or how another great gig by Korres left me cheering).

Our beloved greek beauty brand is launching “Black Professional”, a full smokey-eyes kit, with black pencils/mascaras/eyeliners based on new technology that promise to stay where they should, like, forever.

Make up artist Yannis Siskos was there to demonstrate a “how-to” for the perfect smokey-eyes look (and not only that).

Mariaflora tried her skills on me and the outcome was not bad at all, although I looked more like Sehrazat than a tired Kate Moss (or Carine Roitfeld for that matter), which was the initial reference.

An afternoon dedicated to black, from the deco to the AMAZING catering -black burgers, seriously- that we took home, together with a couple of Korres spoil-me bags. Now I have to practice.

Paris: A Collage

favourite pieces of art at Pompidou

at Colette

hanging out with ma boys/eating tons of chevre

Natalia for Stella McCartney

Giuseppe Zanotti & Lanvin

YouTube Preview Image
At the Gaultier show

Rollerblade Parade

At Bollywood

Another dinner post.

This time was all about Bollywood, the indian restaurant located in a former industrial warehouse at Gazi area, oriental decorated with indian weave patterns and elephant scultptures -but not too indian.

Great food, given that you’re into spicy cusine. Kudos for the Beef Vindaloo, the “Cashmere” (vodka martini cocktail with ginger and saffron), the rose sorbet and the indian psyche music by dj Iznogoud on the decks.

YouTube Preview Image


Jars of Pimm’s cocktails, great amounts of food and newly arrived Somf thrills were the ingredients that consisted a moist, sweet Sunday night, delightfully spent with one of my most beloved couples in Athens, Mariaflora & Jonas.