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Hey April, what’s new

A pair of Soya Fish high sole sneakers, that’s what’s new. Very lightweight and comfortable, in an ice white color (I’m so in for the pink-gold Golf shoes, too). An everyday fix for sure.
“Ρomper Room” and “Find me an Oasis” are the new summer nail lacquers by Essie.
Hydrangea in pastel pink. 
Bio-Oil, the beauty essential that just arrived in Greece: A dry-oil miracle for special treatments, such as dehydrated skin, dark spots, scars etc. They promised me that my skin will look new in a couple of months so see you around June.
Enoe me “Double Arrow” golden cuff -check their silk pants, it’s the best thing you’ll try this summer.
Snaps from a19th century building in the heart of Athens, that after many decades will be revealed under new identity later on this year.

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Pre Xmas Warming Up

Getting ready for winter holidays with just the necessary (ok maybe not just the necessary).
Nothing gets me going more than some Christmas spirit or to be exact, alcohol spirit. So here comes Absolut Originalitythe new edition of Absolut vodka was created with a drop of ice blue color in every bottle, giving us for Christmas holidays 4 million unique Absolut bottles. Probably my favorite so far.

The feather white & black diamond ring is from the master of his kind, Mr. Nikos Koulis. The grey necklace and the turquoise pendant by Mimika Ciboyianni.

Korres presents two new eau de toilettes with pepper, for him and for her. I love pepper in perfumes. New additions from Moroccanoil, too: The styling gel and the glimmer shine for finishing. Your hair will look new, whatever that means. ysmf.nikos.koulis.feather.ringysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.grey.viktorglance.necklace

Wool and silk black & white top by Yiorgos Eleftheriades is my won’t-take-it-off top for this winter, along with that gorgeous pleated skirt by SOMF.

And for the finale, lucky charms for the new year: Round pendant by Utopia Elena K., evil eye by Gregio, lucky besom by Zeus + Dione.
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For the twill of it

Four days are left for Dimitris Petrou highly anticipated fashion show and I had the pleasure to attend the private preview, which might have shown us nothing from the collection but yet, hairstylist Dimitris Sarantou (who will take care of the models hair for the catwalk), talked to us through all the high quality products of Moroccanoil and shared some hairstyle secrets. Plus, Essie was the there with all the new Fall/Winter colors -Dimitris Petrou chose “For the twill of it” for his presentaion, the green purple metallic color that makes your nails sparkle as a queen Μay beetle.

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Lots to share

So that’s what’s new these days.

I’ll go pink for the winter (God forgive me) with a wool boyfriend coat from Marks&Spencer new collection, that hits the store of Ermou street on Thursday 26th. It’s oversized and I love it for that. In the same collection named Britains Leading Ladies”, I found a pair of leopard wedge booties, not very high/not too low. Soon to be mine, as well. For those who like it punked, a great part of the new Marks&Spencer line consists of leather jackets, tartan fabrics, leather skinny pants and british inspired motifs.

Moreover, I tried the new Ibuki skincare of the incomparable Shiseido. The name of it means “Fresh breath” and that is a promise made. The facial foam is the best I’ve ever tried, I swear. New obsessions: Shiseido lipstick PK303, Essie nail polish “For the twill of it”.

September’s treat: The fig sorbet I tried during my small getaway last weekend, for which I have plenty to share soon.

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Bye-bye mocha color

Though I adore the sun kissed color on my cheeks, my skin cannot endure the greek burning sun, and the effect I get for the last three years are those charming little brown spots -what’s cooler than that. Anyway, apart from a big straw hat that I always take on the beach living my own Cote d’Azur, a sunscreen combo is more than necessary. I’ve told you before about the majesty of Korres yoghurt non-oily sunscreens and after sun lotions *heart*. In my top10 list is now added the Red Vine hair sun protection and a Walnut & Coconut sunscreen spray with transparent formula, ideal for water sports, like laying on the beach.

You have to love Korres.

ysmf.korres.suncare ysmf.korres.after.sun.with.yoghurt ysmf.korres.suncare.2

Red, again.

It’s that time of the year again, when I leave the dull color palette of my wardrobe behind and I make some attempts for vivid prints (blame it on April). The floral shirt is American Retro from Simple Caractere stores and that vibrant red you see on the lips is the result of Giorgio Armani Maestro lipstick, finished with the newest product of senior Armani, the Flash Lacquer lip gloss, which is non-sticky and stays between your lips -and won’t travel towards your nostrils, let’s say.

The pale pink snakeskin Gianvito Rossi pumps and the Juicy Couture bird ring is from the “Value for Style” event of Factory Outlet, where, admittedly, we found gorgeous pieces in unbelievable prices. The heart shaped street art is some romantic’s soul attempt to beautify the ugly graffitis of downtown Athens and the rest is just homemade garniture.

ysmf.american.retro.floral.shirt.armani.gloss ysmd.giorgio.armani.lip.gloss ysmf.gianvito.rossi.snakeskin.pumps ysmf.juicy.couture.bird.ring.from.factory.outlet

The Korres Candy Shop

Just when I thought I needed some color in my life, poped up this: A bag full of the new Korres jelly toffees.

The watermelon face sunscreen smells like the summer of your dreams and it also offers some coverage thanks to the tinted moisturizing formula – I was about to renew my face sunscreen with the all time classic Korres Yogurt sunscreen face cream but this new thing, I love it. The Blush Sticks is a non-oily creamy blush series and trust me, once you go for a creamy blush, you will never go back to powders, as they make your skin look fresher (all kinds of powders make your skin look dull). Last but not least, there comes Lip Butter Gloss, in peach, pink or natural, a moisturizing lip butter with the shine of a lip gloss, that doesn’t make your lips sticky and heavy.

ysmf.korres.lips.and.cheeks.2 ysmf.korres.lips.and.cheeks.1 ysmf.korres.lips.and.cheeks.3 ysmf.korres.face.sunscreen.watermelon

Found Beauty in an HR cabin

A beauty post, dedicated to me, myself and I.

Falling too deep in my daily routine and my day-creme/foundation/remover/blah beauty steps, I often tend to forget the immense possibilities of the newest ultra high-tech achievements in the science of cosmetology.
I am overexcited, as we speak, to have tried a full beauty treatment at the Helena Rubinstein cabin, a true beauty pioneer, escorted by a facial massage as well. And trust me, I am not of those who drool over new beauty products that pop out every nanosecond in the industry.

Should I had to describe the cremes, serums and masks of Helena Rubinstein, “luxury for yourself” would be it. Make yourselfie a gift and get something according to your needs (there is the most appropriate cosmetic waiting for you at an HR stand) and remember my words.

The HR experts profiled my skin and created my own private cocktail, as you’ll see below. The Re- Plasty Pro Filler corrector does miracles, so does the Collagenist Re-plump lip zoom, which, apart from being a lip anti-wrinkle, also re-curves lips, giving you day by day extra plumpness (!). They say that one of those gems is being sold every three seconds somewhere around the globe. I already got mine.
And I’m so having the Prodigy Powercell Foundation.



Right before Christmas holidays, the ladies and gents of the Yves-Saint Laurent cosmetics in Greece invited beauty editors and bloggers to write their own manifesto on an YSL paper, all revealed today (with heavy rain), on the name of the perfume “Manifesto” and the new advertising campaign with Jessica Chastain. There’s no picture of Jessica whatsoever, but you can enjoy us three girls in the gorgeous “Joie de vivre au Chateau” mansion up in Kifissia and our pieces.

P1160765P1160768 P1160775

P1160767P1160776 P1160781P1160777

fancy wish list

I was recently asked by, among other girls, to present my Christmas essentials. Since my wardrobe palette is rather boring with lots of blacks and blues, I usually add some color with my accessories, mainly shoes and jewelry. Pointy shoes, crystals and some luxury goodies like my Serge Lutens perfume or a good facial day creme is what got on my list.
I now take it a step further and make a xmas wish list.

youstrikemyfancy2 (1)

This Stella McCartney light blue shirt dress is on top of my wish list, together with a pair of Jil Sander color-block sling backs, that I instantly fell in love with when we first met in March at Raf Simon’s very last fashion show for the house.


I love luxury paper. I keep collecting personal stationary since the age of 6. I also love birds. Can I ask Santa for this Bird Box by Bernard Maisner

It includes post cards and statement cards with hand painted exotic birds *sigh* by Mr. Maisner himself.

Shourouk crystal necklace.

The finest make up of them all, Giorgio Armani’s Maestro miracle.

And a man pouch -I often prefer men’s clothes and accessories- from Lanvin.
Shourouk-necklace _armani-maestro_lanvin-men-pouch

And maybe for the new year I’ll try something new: Not Another Bill promises a gift every month in my mailbox!

Arty Mr.Bones

Art for a charity purpose and Kiehl’s in the middle: A blend blog-worthy.
Famous New York cosmetics company Kiehl’s asked three Athenians to customize their legendary skeleton mascot Mr.Bones. Konstantinos Kakanias, Greece is for lovers and Yorgos Mazonakis did their own version each and all three “Mr. Bones” were auctioned last night at Rebecca Camhi gallery, for  the non-profit organization “Merimna”. Greece is for Lovers used blue glass eye charms, the well-known greek traditional talisman, where Yorgos Mazonakis did a Tsolias version of Mr. Bones.

Apart from the three auctioned pieces, we also had the chance to see Konstantinos Kakanias’ new series of Mrs. Tependri.

Ozon Fashion Flash

I’m overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction for last night’s Ozon Fashion Flash Spring-Summer 2013.

Somf and Digitaria were the designers that participated in a special fashion presentation, accompanied by the live music of Rattler Proxy (for Somf) and Melatonini (for the latter). Me and Christos Alxandropoulos, together with the two Somfettes, Mariaflora and Olivia, had been brainstorming for the last ten days regarding the presentation, the styling and the creative direction of the whole, and I want to believe that the final outcome was quite good.

I utterly enjoyed every moment of it (especially the song part -GOD!) Special thanks to Dimitris Sarantou with Moroccanoil, for taking a good care of the hair and make up of our girls.

Since I was too busy to use a camera, I kindly steal some shots from my dearest Ioanna Hatziandreou. You can also find some backstage photo collages by Markos Andriotis here.

Black is the new Black is Back

Black is the new Black (or how another great gig by Korres left me cheering).

Our beloved greek beauty brand is launching “Black Professional”, a full smokey-eyes kit, with black pencils/mascaras/eyeliners based on new technology that promise to stay where they should, like, forever.

Make up artist Yannis Siskos was there to demonstrate a “how-to” for the perfect smokey-eyes look (and not only that).

Mariaflora tried her skills on me and the outcome was not bad at all, although I looked more like Sehrazat than a tired Kate Moss (or Carine Roitfeld for that matter), which was the initial reference.

An afternoon dedicated to black, from the deco to the AMAZING catering -black burgers, seriously- that we took home, together with a couple of Korres spoil-me bags. Now I have to practice.