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Ariane Labed for Yannis Sergakis

Greek-born french beauty and well-known actress Ariane Labed stars in the new series of images of one of my favorite jewelry designers, Yannis Sergakis. The shooting took place in Athens a couple of months ago and taking care of the styling of the campaign was such an amazing thing for me to do. Thanks to a fantastic team the photo shoot looks great, resembling scenes of an atmospheric film and Ariane shines in all her earthy beauty.

Below you can find some backstage images (remember part I ?) plus a mini interview of Ariane Labed exclusively for Youstrikemyfancy.

Many thanks to all the crew and especially George Anthoulakis and Yannis Sergakis.






What intrigued you in Yannis Sergakis’ proposition to be the face of his new collection? What made you say yes?


“Τhe truth is that I wasn’t that excited in the beginning, since I don’t like being exposed as “Ariane”, without having a role to play. However, I loved Yannis’ jewelry collection. And I also loved the idea of being part of a promising greek brand. I truly believe that there are numerous talented people in Greece and I want to support them as much as I can.”


Talk to us a bit about the photoshoot, what dis tou enjoy the most?

“The whole team was great. We moved around Athens in several locations, and although I was in town for just a couple of days, I had the chance to see so many different things and the city that I absolutely love.







You live in London but you travel all over Europe quite often. What is the feedback that you get regarding greek artists? Are greek makers known abroad?

“Most people think I’m Greek so they often come and talk to me about Greece and I absolutely love it! French are very fond of Greece -although I cannot say the same thing for others. People talk to me about the movies that I’ve done here (Attenberg, Alps and the Capsule) and about my team ‘Vasistas’. There’s a huge interest about what goes on artistically in Greece.”

You have received many Best Actress awards up to now (Best Actress – 67th Venice International Film Festival, Best Actress – Angers European First Film Festival, Best Actress – Hellenic Film Academy 2011). What makes an actress “the best”?

“I have no idea. There’s no such thing. An award is a reward for a job you’ve done. And, in addition, it is completely subjective.”

What is your relationship with fashion? Is there any meeting point between fashion and your work?

“I don’t have much to do with fashion. I like clothes and certain designers (like my good friend Marios Schwab), but fashion seems a crazy world to me. Costumes always help me sink into a character. They always change your walk, the way you stand and sit. It is a very creative process.”

Backstage at Wrap London

Right before my summer vacations I worked with a great British team for the new Wrap London look book (great cashmere jumpers and leather booties: noted), with world known photographer Nicole Nodland, starring super model Cassie Gardner. The shooting took place around Plaka and at the imposing Ypatia mansion.
ysmf.ypatia.mansion.vitro ysmf.internal.ypatia.mansion ysmf.cassie.gardner ysmf.wrap.booties.fw.2013.14
ysmf.ypatia.mansion.detailysmf.wrap.lookbook.cassie.gardner.backstage ysmf.ypatia.masion.marble.staircaseysmf.wrap.lookbook.nicole.nodland ysmf.ypatia.mansion.detail.2 ysmf.wrap.lookbook.backstage.cassie.gardner ysmf.ypatia.mansion.ceiling ysmf.plaka.anafiotika ysmf.ypatia.mansion.deco


The Gepbetty love story

Geppetto and Betty, Betty and Geppetto. A true love story, a relationship to last.
Pavlina’s Geppeto and my Betty were photographed together last week for the new “Ippolito loves Geppetto” campaign and their lives were bound for ever. For those who don’t already know the concept, the collection consists of cat and dog collars and the cutest small pochettes, in order to remind you to always carry with you a bag, treats and an atropine injection for emergencies. 30 % of the profits go straight to Anim.A.L Friends Society, for the dogs that suffer from Kalazar.
Fun times with photographer Ioanna Chatziandreou and the rest of the team at Ippolito’s showroom downtown.
gepbetty2 ysmf.ippolito.loves.geppeto.betty ysmf.ippolito.showroom ysmf.ippolito.grey.clutch ysmf.ippolito.loves.geppeto.summer.2013 ysmf.ippolito.loves.geppeto.3 ysmf.ippolito.summer.2013 ysmf.ippolito.pavlina.joanna gepbetty ippolito_loves_gepbettyysmf.ippolito.kit.bags

Prada “Real Fantasies” – The Lookbook

With the artistic direction of AMO, Prada releases the next “Real Fantasies” series. The new Summer 2013 lookbook consists of photographs from the label’s runway show in a collage of mix-media images. Photographs of models taken backstage during the show are mixed with hand-drawn sketches and paints by Lok Jansen and Jeroen Koolhaas, starring Vanessa Axente, Ondria Hardin, Zuzanna Bijoch and Sung Hee.


ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring2 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring3 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring4 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring5 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring6 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring8 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring9 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring10 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring11 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring12 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring14 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring15 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring16 ysmf.PradaFantasiesSpring17

DeuxHommes for Madwalk

For the lovers of sartorial beauty, here I present you all the backstage photos from DeuxHommes for Madwalk as promised. You can also find below in greek the article I wrote for Miss Bloom, and more backstage photos from Madwalk here.

“Ή θα κάναμε αυτό που ακριβώς θέλαμε, ή δε θα κάναμε τίποτα”. Ο Δημήτρης Αλεξάκης και Γρηγόρης Τριανταφύλλου ήταν παραπάνω από σαφείς, σχετικά με την ανάγκη τους για τη νέα συλλογή.


Mε τον έντονο παλμό των παρασκηνίων του χθεσινού Μadwalk να χτυπάει ακόμα μέσα μου, με τα γέλια και την αγωνία του συντονισμού όλων των στοιχείων για το αρτιότερο αποτέλεσμα, σκέφτομαι τι είναι αυτό που με έκανε να αγαπήσω τη συλλογή
των DeuxHommes τόσο πολύ. Με έμπνευση από τους όγκους της υψηλής ραπτικής της δεκαετίας του 1960, και ιδιαίτερα τον Cristobal Balenciaga, τον Pierre Cardin και τον André Courrèges, τα ρούχα είχαν κοψίματα, ανοιχτές πλάτες και οβάλ τελειώματα, ενώ η παλέτα των χρωμάτων ήταν βαθιά επηρεασμένη από τον Andy Warhol και την pop κουλτούρα της εποχής του και τον Stephen Sprouse. “Όλη αυτή η αισθητική αλλά σε μια περισσότερο “τοξική” εκδοχή, τραβηγμένη στα άκρα, να ακολουθεί μια comics πλευρά της δικής μας couture αισθητικής”, αποσαφηνίζει ο Δημήτρης Αλεξάκης και συνεχίζει: “Η Ευρώπη γίνεται μπλαζέ με το χωρίς κόπο και ανεπιτήδευτο ντύσιμο και ακολουθεί δρόμους υπεραπλούστευσης. Αφήνει πίσω τον ενθουσιασμό του overdressed και του overstyling – ενώ στην Άπω Ανατολή και ιδιαίτερα στην Ιαπωνία, απ’ όπου αντλήσαμε στοιχεία για τη συλλογή, υπάρχει ακόμα ενθουσιασμός και πειραματισμός. Έτσι έρχεται όλο αυτό και γινεται φρέσκο και σημερινό. Θέλουμε να υπενθυμίσουμε στον κόσμο το Dress for Fun!”. 

ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.fitting.5 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.fitting.2 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.fitting.6 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.fitting


Η “Couture Action Heroine” των DeuxHommes ντύνεται με υπέροχα υφάσματα -άλλα που έχουν βάθος και άλλα πιο επιφανειακά, δημιουργώντας μια τρίτη διάσταση-, τα οποία κυμαίνονται από ντελικάτες δαντέλες και μπροκάρ μεταξωτά, μέχρι neon τούλια και PVC, δεμένα σε ρούχα με αλάνθαστο tailoring, που αγγίζουν την υψηλή ραπτική. 

Για το make up, η ομάδα της Mac έδωσε βάση στο contouring και κράτησε τα μάτια καθαρά στο πάνω βλέφαρο αλλά με ένα στοιχείο Moulin Rouge στο υπόλοιπο πρόσωπο, με το έντονο φούξια ρουζ να απλώνεται και να σβήνει κάτω από το μάτι και προς τους κροτάφους ψηλά στα μήλα. Το χρώμα στα χείλη ήταν έντονο κερασί με ματ τελείωμα. Τα μαλλιά από τα Mod’s Hair ήταν φυσικά αφημένα κάτω σε ένα επιμελημένο wet look. Οι γόβες, όλες σε έντονα παιχνιδιάρικα χρώματα, από πετρόλ μέχρι κίτρινο και πορτοκαλί, είχαν ψηλά λεπτά τακούνια και συμπλήρωσαν ιδανικά τα outfits. “Στην πορεία βρήκαμε και το νέο μας συνεργάτη για το fashion show, ένα ξυλουργό-γλύπτη, που μας έφτιαξε τα ιδανικότερα headpieces για την τελική εικόνα που θέλαμε να παρουσιάσουμε”, συμπληρώνουν οι σχεδιαστές και βάζουν και το τελευταίο κομμάτι του παζλ στη θέση του. 

Σε μια εποχή που έχει ανάγκη τη δημιουργικότητα, το όραμα και την επιστροφή στην ποιότητα, οι DeuxHommes απέδειξαν για άλλη μια φορά ότι διαθέτουν όλα τα στοιχεία, την εμπειρία, καθώς και μεγάλη αγάπη για τη δουλειά τους, για να ανεβάσουν την ελληνική μόδα ένα επίπεδο πιο πάνω και, κυρίως, να την απενεχοποιήσουν.ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.1 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.2 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.3 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.4 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.5 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.7 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.8 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.9 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.10 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.11 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.12 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.manicureysmf.madwalk.fourreira.deuxhommes ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.fourreira.5ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.13

Backstage: Madwalk 2013

Fashion designers. stylists, make up artists, photographers, singers and dancers, in a Madwalk frenzy last night. Here I present you backstage photos of the participants at this year’s Madwalk, Dimitris Petrou, NatarGeorgiou, DeuxHommes, Sotiris Georgiou, Madame Shoushou, Stelios Koudounaris, Apostolos Mitropoulos with the jewelry of Mimika Ciboyianni and Konstantinos Melis by Laskos. More to follow pretty soon, plus a special feature of DeuxHommes, whom I had the luck to follow step by step during the preparation.

P4171170 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.2 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.4 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.madame.shoushou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.dimitris.petrou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.petrou.alexandrou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.makeupysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.stelios.koudounaris.2 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.sotiris.georgiou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.5 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.koudounaris ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.stelios.koudounaris ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.3 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.natar.georgiou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.mimika.ciboyianni ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.natar.georgiou.2 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.dimitris.petrou.4 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.dimitris.petrou2 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.kaplanidis.petrou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.celine ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.15 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.pandos ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.16

DeuxHommes for Madwalk: Intro

My love for DeuxHommes -not only for their work but also the designers themselves- is brighter than the sun ever since I first met them back in 2004.  So when I was asked by Miss Bloom (you can read here the full article in greek) to undertake the full coverage of their upcoming catwalk show for Madwalk 2013, I thought this job had my name written on. This is just a first teaser of what to expect next week, a collection where delicate guipure lace meets with PVC and high-tech neon fabrics, in a game of depth and surface.

I have so many things to show you regarding the “Couture Action Heroine” of the designing duo but we will have to wait a few more days.
ysmf.for.miss.bloom.deuxhommes.3ysmf.for.miss.bloom.deuxhommes.1 ysmf.for.miss.bloom.deuxhommes.2 ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk ysmf.for.miss.bloom.deuxhommes.6 ysmf.for.miss.bloom.deuxhommes.5ysmf.for.miss.bloom.deuxhommes.4 ysmf.for.miss.bloom.deuxhommes.7 ysmf.deuxhommes.inspiration ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.2 ysmf.despina.isopoulou.deuxhommes.2

Somf Fall 2013: Laura does Dallas

A long day today but it so worthed it.

Photographer Panos Davios shot the new look book of the Fall 2013/14 SOMF collection -which, may I say, is an absolutely great collection and the best of the girls so far!- so we had many things to say and lots of work to do together with Mariaflora and the rest of the team. But mainly we talked about the inspiration of the collection “Laura (Palmer) does Dallas”, and made scenarios for the nice cheerleader and highschool’s sweetheart who fell in love with a bad-ass cowboy and now, she’s not that much of a good girl anymore.

This is just a small taste, Miss-Athenes has more to show you. ysmf.mariaflora.panos.davios ysmf.somf.fall.2013.jumper ysmf.somf.fall.2013.jacket ysmf.somf.fall.2013.denim.dress

At Lanvin Headquarters

I have been waiting for a while to present you this.

During last fashion week in Paris, I was invited to the headquarters of Lanvin House, for a private view of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, after the fashion show. A huge fan of Alber Elbaz myself, I could never miss such an appointment.

The gorgeous Lanvin silk fabrics looked absolutely amazing in the famous bright colors that the house uses, such as pomegranate pink and emerald green. Some high-tech additions, like the digital prints of naked female bodies that seem to move with you, creating the illusion of nudeness. Much less embroidery, apart from four or five pieces and some details on the dresses. Bodysuits: *swoon*. BUT. The greatest highlight of them all -maybe because I’m too much of a sharp-suit type myself: the tuxedos. Inspired by far east, Japanese tradition and origamis, Elbaz created the perfect, slightly deconstructed suit, with quiet bows and cropped jackets, some of them even sleeveless, combined with his popular it-piece: the silk shirt.

A down to earth collection, deprived of any trace of unnecessary extravaganza.

A post with the accessories of the collection to follow pretty soon.

P9309095 P9309149P9309101 P9309085P9309086P9309077P9309076P9309089P9309081P9309097ysmd.lanvin.bodysuit.ss13 ysmf.lanvin.headquarters


Ozon Fashion Flash

I’m overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction for last night’s Ozon Fashion Flash Spring-Summer 2013.

Somf and Digitaria were the designers that participated in a special fashion presentation, accompanied by the live music of Rattler Proxy (for Somf) and Melatonini (for the latter). Me and Christos Alxandropoulos, together with the two Somfettes, Mariaflora and Olivia, had been brainstorming for the last ten days regarding the presentation, the styling and the creative direction of the whole, and I want to believe that the final outcome was quite good.

I utterly enjoyed every moment of it (especially the song part -GOD!) Special thanks to Dimitris Sarantou with Moroccanoil, for taking a good care of the hair and make up of our girls.

Since I was too busy to use a camera, I kindly steal some shots from my dearest Ioanna Hatziandreou. You can also find some backstage photo collages by Markos Andriotis here.