brownie points

the new year for me started with loads of work – ‘tell us something we don’t know’ i hear someone saying in the back- and with some new pretty small things attached to my everyday life, that i tend to believe they’re my lucky charms for 2011.

i got my annual Missoni agenda full of colors that brighten the daily programm and a leather Smythson ‘secrets and wishes’ pocket-size notebook that i love and always carry with for my notes and thoughts and the unknown words in my vocabulary (a learner always, like Abraham Lincoln)

the Pierre Hardy ss2011 clutch for my basics and a brand new Olympus Pen camera *eyes blinking* which i take to bed with me every night, together with a big book of instructions that i have to read and memorize. it couldn’t be simple, could it.

Katerina Psoma and Zerteo pendants sent to me as a gift at my first working day in the beginning of January

…and Betty, the new member of the family that arrived out of the blue to make herself comfortable on the couch and freak Leeloo out that used to be the queen of the house. after me that is.



  1. Thalia January 31, 2011 / 09:27

    oh g! do you have a dog as well now? looks like a sweetheart! we need to catch up and tell me all about it! big kiss

    • youstrikemyfancy January 31, 2011 / 09:53

      Yeapp, another girl in the house! we should definitely catch up, I could use some dog-breeding advice

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