birthday night-in

it was Myrto’s birthday last night and we all gathered at her place to celebrate her sweet 30s.

my best wishes to you girl, love you truly

girls and the twins

that’s Myrto’s mom on the picture and i was that close to steal it and take it home with me, i swear

i tried really hard to play the violin for the hostess. baaad musician.

good entertainer though.

sissy and her retro snake-skin peep-toes

lucky birthday girl had two cakes- the second one as a present from her girlfriends, featuring Myrto in a picture from our last summer vacations together in Antiparos, two years ago. How the heck do they do that on a cake? seriously now

anyway, i don’t want to steal her thunder but that’s me on the side with my back-pack.

Mom, i’m on a birthday cake!



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