backstage exhaustion

our shooting for the last two days would sound ideal to anyone who happened to hear about it: three beautiful girls, unique evening dresses from the biggest fashion houses laying under the sun by the sea at Astir Palace hotel at southern suburbs.  well, not quite because between sequins, silk fabrics and feathers we managed to fight aaaall of us with each other,  a pair every half an hour from 8.00 in the morning until around 19.00 i got home, plus a two hours fight session afterwards on phone.

but since the team has gone through an almost military training all those years, we did carry through the shooting successfully and manage not to hurt each other or the models, although i believe the photographer came that close to throw one of them in the sea and strangle the other with the boat rope. half of them blamed the full moon and the others the angle of Mars or some planet but they all agreed this was something having undoubtably to do with the stars and with some great powers beyond them.

Nevertheless, the story looks great. But i think i need my summer vacations a bit earlier. like, now.




  1. mariaflora April 30, 2010 / 23:10

    he he he, pardon my laughing at your expense but it sounds hilarious, like a sit com gone all wrong, and a fashion one for that matter!
    Hope it all worked out in the end, or will do as soon as the planet/ stars/ retrograde /course of the universe/ melting of the ice in the poles etc etc gets sorted out!
    Are you making daisy chains tomorrow? would be lovely to see you guys

    • youstrikemyfancy May 1, 2010 / 02:25

      😀 it all went well in the end, fortunately.
      we have no fixed plans since bf#1will be working tomorrow, so i’ll take my bf#2 to hit someplace unspecified for the moment- if planets/stars/retrogade/course of the universe/melting of the ice allow us of course.. want to see you too, we’ll be in touch

  2. Thalia May 5, 2010 / 13:43

    LOL! i can slightly picture how this might have been like but what the heck it is a job! glad u survived and i am with u with having holidays earlier this year, like yesterday!

    • youstrikemyfancy May 5, 2010 / 15:29

      thank you love, you know it’s really comforting knowing you’re there with me, thanks for supporting and please, send a letter to the Fashion Director for that vacations matter, will you


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