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sundays lovesong: a blues in drag

“A frozen in time piano played by the hands of Robert Smith (The Cure) and a hauntingly beautiful cello by Steven Severin, always leaves me with a hopeful, fuzzy aftertaste every single time. The echoing piano, the fainting violin on the background and the slow camera rotation focusing on everything in the room (flowers, hands, faces, strings), catching your eyes with its amazing details, left me standing, waiting for something unknown, something alive, someone”.

Panos chooses this Sunday’s lovesong

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Vera Wang: A girl thing

Even the most saturnine and stiff personality in the world (seeing myself in 75% of it), could not stand emotionless in front of the bridal dresses and gowns of Vera Wang. Having been invited in a private view of the spring collection at the boutique, I had the opportunity to see all girls’ dreams coming true in two rooms. The finest of fabrics and a delicate technique create what could make most women out there look absolutely gorgeous. If I had to choose, I would definitely go for a close-to-the-skin ruffled organza mermaid dress (yes I tried it on but the picture was globally banned under my orders), that makes one look like having been emerged out of a shell in the middle of the ocean.

Diesel goes Spring

Diesel welcomed Spring with a jazz party and a live performance by Thomais Apergi, under the creative direction of the highly sophisticated Michael Pandos. In case you didn’t know, Diesel owns a vintage collection of furniture from the 60s and 70s to-make-you-go-red, that were transfered on location especially for the presentation.

The fingerfood by Wagamama was ordered in the hues of the Diesel Summer 2013 collection (how eccentric to match the clothes with what one eats) and as for the drinks the best cocktail on planet earth was served: French 76 was the name of a heavenly made champagne-and-vodka mix, the favorite cocktail that Kate Moss enjoys at The Hemingway bar of Ritz Hotel in Paris -and the one that she later chose for her wedding party. I had three and I’d almost crawl on the floor of the Golden Hall. Loved it.

French 76: 

3/4 oz vodka
1 dash grenadine syrup
1 dash sugar syrup
1/4 oz lemon juice
4 oz Champagne

Shake all ingredients (except champagne) well over ice cubes in a shaker. Strain into a champagne flute, fill with champagne, and serve.

fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.thomais.apergi fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.4 fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.heaven.76.cocktail fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.pandos fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.2 fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.5 fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.3 fwbvk.diesel.summer.2013.presentation.alex.kavdas.myrto fwbvk.diesel.lemoncake.wardrobe

Les fleurs de Bach

Seeing all my favorite faces in one night -that’s what I call a proper bar hopping with my dearest Filep.

Checking out the latest issue of Dapper Dan together with its publishing team at Galaxy bar (great job you guys) and catching up later on with Athens’ brightest flora crowd at the Amateur Boys’ costume party “Les Fleurs de Bach” un Carnaval élixir, with  guest djs Chris Kontos and Thomas Bullock.
ysmf.dapper.dan. ysmf.pascal.filepmotwary ysmf.pascal.filep.genevieve ysmf.sixdogs.chris.kontos ysmf.sixdogs.amateur.party2

Mary Katrantzou at Moda Operandi

For Fall/Winter 2013, Mary Katrantzou trades her signature hallucinogenic color palette for moody monochromatic hues – and the effect is somehow even more striking. Referencing photographer, painter, art gallery and museum curator Edward Steichen’s iconic imagery, the print-master designer emblazons architecturally stunning silhouettes with eerie landscapes.

ysmf.Edward Steichen.moonrise

“For next winter, I wanted to portray a man’s view of nature, captured, refracted and ultimately distorted by the camera lens, fixed in black-and-white for eternity. The collection finds focus in a stripping-back of colour,  revolving around a rainbow of monochrome with colour smoke bombs highlighting the pattern a d shape. Just how Pablo Picasso rinsed his paintings of colour to highlight the formality of structure and his obsessive interest in line and form, I wanted to do the same to show that perception, fabrication, and silhouette are also at the heart of my work. Pattern is conveyed through the intricacy of intarsia knits, embroideries, jacquards and brocades, custom knit, woven and engineered to re-render a landscape across the clothes.” Mary Katrantzou

The most fabulous e-store out thereModa Operandi, the only place you can preorder looks straight from the catwalk before they are available anywhere else, has the entire Fall collection of Mary Katrantzou available to preorder, until the end of the week.



Nike Air Max Party

Those people at Nike love us and we love them back. Dozens of pairs of the brand new re-edited Nike Air Max got together with other iconic Nike models, in a big party last night for a special Air Max celebration, held at Ministry of Concrete store and Tora K44. From left to right: Kristen, FilioMariaflora and Mr. Dreamer on duty.

promise land

The new “Cranberry” lipstick by Amway, together with a piece of chocolate from Fresh that once had my name on, the Summer 2013 fuchsia Valentino sling-backs, the book I currently read which is Michel Houellebecq’s “The Platform”, my Jil Sander dream-come-true from Raf Simon’s very last collection for the house, the entire color palette of Korres summer nail polish , a long-desired collectible vinyl of my truest love, aka Arthur Russell from 1986 that I got from Discogs and the very new Nike Air Max that arrived in my mailbox,

is what turned those crappy days into domestic delight.
ysmf.amway.cranberry.lipstick ysmf.valentino.fuchsia.slingbacks openwindow ysmf.korres.summwe2013.nail.polish ysmf.arthur.russell.worldofecho.1986 ysmf.radish

At Lanvin – Shoes and Accessories

Following the first post of my visit at Lanvin headquarters, here comes the second part that includes almost all the accessories from the Lanvin Summer 2013 collection. Python pumps in metallics, gorgeous shoulder bags and tiny minaudieres and the famous Lanvin crystal jewels. Knock yourselves out.
ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.bags ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.clutches ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.clutchysmf.lanvin.ss2013.white.pumps ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.python.pumps.2 ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.jewels ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.bags3 ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.python.bagysmf.lanvin.ss2013.minaudieres ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.pumps.3 ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.crystal.mecklace ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.necklace ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.crystal.necklace ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.belts ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.wood.belt ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.python.pumpsysmf.lanvin.ss2013.necklace2 ysmf.lanvin.ss2013.bags2