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what goes better with a Prada african-oriented printed dancer? well a pair of neon-orange Giambattista Valli sandals, one of the most beautiful flats of summer 2011

soccer in-vogue

famous football player Djibril Cisse  was the absolute star at the latest fashion story of Vogue Hellas  May issue and impressed the whole shooting crew with his professionalism and low profile attitude, despite the alteration between six- seven locations, the working hours  and the dozens of fans that approached him for a picture and an autograph.

 at Vogue Hellas May issue

make up: Vanessa Koutsopodiotou hair: Christos Kallaniotis photographer: Thanassis Krikis


and the next day was sunday and i took my psychedelic masterpiece to Mariaflora’s for a wonderful lunch and an even more amazing home-made banoffee pie. the day was long and the night was even longer cause if the wine is good nobody wants to leave the table


annual easter egg dyeing for friends and family. this year i did them a bit earlier because i wanted to gift some to one of my most favorite couples in this town that invited me for lunch on sunday. i knew they would look great on their dinning table as well.

the tools of my psychedelic work

a temporary garden

During the 2011 Salone del Mobile, the courtyard of MARNI’s Milan flagship boutique on via della Spiga will become a green parlour. Inspired by the Italian metropolis of yesteryear, plants traditional to Milan’s public parks and private gardens will become part of a special landscaping. Bushes and trees, medicinal and kitchen plants will gather in the city’s center creating a temporary garden. Unique furniture, small tables and chairs made of recycled bases, padded and then wrapped with long strips of pvc, will invite quite repose from today’s urban chaos.

Each evening during the Salone del Mobile, the courtyard will come alive with images of Lanterna Magica (Spring) created exclusively for MARNI by film artist, Sara Rossi. A projection of butterflies, water and blossoming trees captured during an explosive Milan springtime will alight on mulberry trees covered in sheer silk, on walls, floor and furniture. Background sounds from nature will heighten the experience of finding one’s self in a magical city garden.

 Following the Salone del Mobile, these plants will be donated to schools for educational projects and to green public space restoration in the city of Milan.

home alone

another breath-taking work of designers Filep Mοtwary & Maria Mastori evolves through the pages of Schon magazine, overflowing with lyricism and quiet beauty, a wonderful story that came to life due to a very talented team.

Photography: Thanassis Krikis, Fashion editor: Nicholas Georgiou, Hair: Thanos Samaras, Make up: Stellar, Manicure: Anna Almbanis

Special thanks to Hypatia Research Center

Shoes: Prada / John Galliano. Garments: Filep Motwary ss2011

Jewelry: Maria Mastori ss2011


Dimitris Petrou had a concept behind his summer collection and it was about the easy days of late August, about love and harvest, sunkissed faces and innocent thoughts. the most complete and even collection of the designer so far, with fine fabrics, sophisticated accessories and details.

YouTube Preview Image

check more backstage, catwalk and crowd pictures here, of a girl that did a pretty good coverage

real fantasies

Prada & OMA present: Real Fantasies

The seasonal magazine of Prada is an absolute eye magnet because of the artwork  and the graphic design through which the OMA team chose to present the summer 2011 collection. I pulled out some pictures to see for yourself.

Production: AMO/Rem Koolhaas, Alexander Relchert

Artwork: AMO/ Fausto Fantinuoli

Photography: Phil Meech

in the dollhouse

something like the house of my dreams, with two special friends, collectible dolls amongst adorable vintage items, people reincarnated into cats speaking greek and the most bright morning light of downtown athens. my sunday noon.

backstage: “Multidimensional” by Sotiris Georgiou

when Sotiris Georgiou asked me to participate in his fashion show, the smartphone couldn’t imprint the terror in my eyes, even though his proposal was followed by all the necessary information, such as that it was all about a bunch of friends who Sotiris would love to see them walking casualy in his clothes. it was tricky.

i accepted for Sotiris and for expanding my personal limits, which are very short, taking into consideration that i’m one of those who’re not able to answer not even to the simplest research on the streets that consists of a microphone-camera combination.

i said what the hell, at least i’ll have something to tell to my grandchildren (“and this is where granny fell of her platforms on the catwalk and Heidi Klum Nicholas Villiotis stepped over her”).

Yesterday it was too late to cancel and today after the hair & make up preparation having the word STRESS written on my forehead in bold comic sans, Sotiris asked his styling director Christos Alexandropoulos to keep an eye on me and prevent a possible getaway.

enough said about me and my phobias. Sotiris and his team did a really good job, loved the long shirts and the capes and the vests and all the menswear. we had a wonderful time, all the girls and boys i met were very sweet and supporting each other until that dreadful personality test was over. i want to specially thank my sweetheart Christos who was answering patiently every time i called his name (about eighty times) and pulled me all together when my heart instantly stopped.