Monthly Archives: March 2011


This is the new color palette I intend to give to my wardrobe. I made a start with a soft-like-a-cloud silk drape Jasmine di Milo throw-over in a lingerie way, and moved on with some real lingerie, a series of silk Stella McCartney braws matching the jacket and my new mood. None of it goes with the blackness that dominates my winter closet but it’s a good start.


the latest story we did for Vogue Hellas April issue was shot at Eleftherios Venizelos airport plus at a cool private jet, like those you see at Criminal Minds with agent Geddeon analyzing with the rest of the Behavioral Analysis Unit the profile of the latest pervert Un.Sub.

make-up Manos Vynichakis. hair Dimitris Giannetos. photographer Kostas Avgoulis.

summer portal

inaugurating spring and my porch for the new season with my dear friends. let the sunny times begin.