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brownie points

the new year for me started with loads of work – ‘tell us something we don’t know’ i hear someone saying in the back- and with some new pretty small things attached to my everyday life, that i tend to believe they’re my lucky charms for 2011.

i got my annual Missoni agenda full of colors that brighten the daily programm and a leather Smythson ‘secrets and wishes’ pocket-size notebook that i love and always carry with for my notes and thoughts and the unknown words in my vocabulary (a learner always, like Abraham Lincoln)

the Pierre Hardy ss2011 clutch for my basics and a brand new Olympus Pen camera *eyes blinking* which i take to bed with me every night, together with a big book of instructions that i have to read and memorize. it couldn’t be simple, could it.

Katerina Psoma and Zerteo pendants sent to me as a gift at my first working day in the beginning of January

…and Betty, the new member of the family that arrived out of the blue to make herself comfortable on the couch and freak Leeloo out that used to be the queen of the house. after me that is.

let’s welcome the new season!

and this is the full story i did for Vogue Hellas February 2011 issue, with a great team:

Photo: Katerina Tsatsanis Make-up: Manos Vynichakis Hair: Nicholas Villiotis Manicure: Anna Almbanis

and if my model reminds you something maybe it’s because she’s Anne-Sophie Monrad, the hottie new-comer that walked at Chanel’s pre-fall 2011 and SS2011 shows, was shot for BCBG Max Azria and Wunderkind campaigns and photographed by Miles Aldrige for Italian Vogue!

30′s revisited

the latest issue of Vogue Hellas features my first summer story for 2011, inspired by 30′s- a powerful trend for the new season, note it down- with wide pants, midi skirts, art-deco-like chunky jewelry and platforms. backstage stressful photos taken while working. the full story and more info about it tomorrow.


Wow I was shocked to see this picture at Mara Desipris‘ site, which I had almost forgotten- but not the story behind it, which goes like this: back in 2007 me, Mara and Michael Pandos with the rest of the team travelled to Sri Lanka to shoot a couple of summer stories for Vogue Hellas. One of them included some pictures taken downtown at Colombo, where we found an enormous golden statue of Buddha and we all thought “Aahhh that would be an amazing picture!”. Unfortunately the natives didn’t actually appreciate the beauty of the Chanel hot pants, were fret in the beginning and got really furious after five minutes and before we know it they were yelling at fluent Ceylonese and we rushed into the cars right in the moment when some of them started picking rocks from the ground.. Don’t even want to think what would have happened but every time i recall the scene I feel the terror down my spine. huge mistake but who would have known? the picture was never published after the strict request of the hotel owners that were having us as guests on the island.


Ladies and gents, meet the number one ‘guess-the-gender’ model, ranked #16 among the 50 top male models as we speak. Andreij Pejic is the new sweetheart of the fashion industry, having participated at Gaultier’s latest fashion show, in campaigns and shootings for fashion magazines such as I-D and Vogue Paris and already collaborated with Steven Meisel.


beautiful Katerina Missihroni, playing at ‘Bijoux de Kant, Werther’ based on Goethe’s ‘The sorrows of young Werther’, at Onassis Cultural Center. backstage at her photoshoot by Katerina Tsatsanis for Vogue Hellas magazine. Direction and set by Yiannis Scourletis. Silk dress and lace coat by DeuxHommes.

irish coffee shot

BreederFeeder was the place for us last night.  Über cosy and artistic and the menu this time was ‘Irish Pub’.  I finally caught- up with my friend Iliana and met Linda and Panos, while in the meantime  i was trying to concentrate and leave some food in my plate after every course so i could gracefully proceed in to the next one (you see, it was a five-course meal). the Pea and ham soup, the Bangers with mash and the Irish Cream Pudding Parfaits with Walnut Crunch were divine, you should definitely try it. the boys will keep the same menu for another week but i heard that for February the theme is Lovers Delight, so you know they’ll do their best to exceed your expectations.


This season the ‘Première’ collection of Maison Martin Margiela - the collection ahead of the défilé – revolves around the idea of contrast, division and simplicity. The collection is clean and minimalistic in detail, focusing on stereotype masculine dress versus feminine, outerwear versus loungewear, large versus fitted volumes (divided graphically at the waist), and a play on contrasting materials.

Miu-Miu pre-spring 2011

went over Luisa store the other day to check on the new collections and i honestly sighed over the Miu Mius.. A big part of the pre-spring 2011 collection was already there hanging on heartless mannequins in the middle of the store that couldn’t feel and enjoy the playful engagement of colors. at least we can appreciating the beauty of those garments, can’t we.

knot arts

Kerkville is a project of musician Michael Moschoutis. By using basically the guitar (acoustic, electric, lap steel, pedal steel) kirkville produces harmonic soundscapes that vary between ambient and post-rock.  In October 2010 his first album “Days” was released by Triple Bath.

about A Thousand beautiful women:  “To abandon all our familiar forms and dive into the abstract isn’t as easy as it may sound.
We need new everything to conflict our memories and childhood images and all of our inner messages.
Then it shall be loud and clear as if it were whispered in the most silent night song, close to the ear that could be pined on ones brain.”

the performance will take place at Knot Gallery