the new old

bought those leggings back in 2005 and never wore them once. it was about time


Elektro Guzzi

6 D.O.G.S celebrated its first year of existence with a party and Elektro Guzzi on the top of it, who they may look like a traditional band when you see the typical guitar-bass-drum combination but they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

The sound produced when they start is great techno, performed live in front of you, with all the loops and beats and sounds created the same moment. You close your eyes and you find it hard to believe that these guys use no computers. nothing. nada. niente. never seen anything like it before

just to get an idea:

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image



more wine

working (running is a better word for what i’d been up to the last week) for twelve hours every day doesn’t sound very exciting but i have to admit loads of good stuff have marked my calendar and i feel content in the end. before i drop dead on my bed i thought i had to do it with grace, so i joined Filep Motwary to a cozy dinner regarding his interview for the next issue of +Plus magazine, edited by Silo. now i can sleep peacefully for twelve hours, tomorrow another round begins.

Silo, Filep and Manto, the photographer with a star tattoo on her right cheek


Idios Ilios

..or how we say Fantastikoi Hxoi‘s track from his new release!

*clapping hands*

after two years of hard working and an extra effort to obtain legal sample clearance that led nowhere, Aggelos will be giving his album for free download in a few days. soon after that some time in the beginning of 2011, Mr. Fantastic will release a double vinyl containing his ultra new tracks by Inner Ear, so stay tuned.

for now enjoy Idios Ilios here and hit the full album one of these days there

listen or right click


some Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

i shamelessly snatched those from my cool friend on the other side of the world, where it’s spring and bloomy

Céleste BoursierMougenot creates works by drawing on the rhythms of daily life to produce sound in unexpected ways. i instantly fell in love with him when i saw the video of his installation at London’s Barbican centre.



YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image


around the world

the fashion story for Vogue Hellas November issue is a travel around the world, based on layering, gipsy influences and boho references

Burberry shearling coat

Dolce & Gabbana dress. Dries Van Noten jacket

Celine cape. MaxMara velvet embroidered dress.

Lanvin dress

Dior vest. Gucci tulle dress.

playing with a J.Smith Esquire headpiece

no comment: the Givenchy  bag

Givenchy knitwear. Manolo Blahnik boots.

Shoot on location by George Kaplanidis.



extreme embroidery in four mini boots by Barbara Bui: The Krystals, the Madame Butterfly, the Samurai and the Fata Morgana